Kutmarks Reusable Vinyl Labels [Video]

Many DJ’s and turntablists who use vinyl will be very excited about this new product…  The new company called Kutmarks have come out with some reusable vinyl labels in many different styles that can be attached and reattached to vinyl over and over again.  The cool new Kutmarks labels all have good markings so that scratch DJ’s can remember their places while pulling off turntablist tricks and juggles.

Digital DJ Pool Top Ten Tracks

If you’re looking for what’s hot in hip hop this week, look no further. Consistently rated as one of the top record pools, Digital DJ Pool is here to provide you with the latest in what’s hot in the music world

MyMP3Pool Top 25 Downloads: May 2014 pt. 1

Hey guys, we’re back again with the Top 25 tracks of the month as featured by MyMP3Pool.com!  This bi-weekly installment lets our readers know not only what the people are listening to, but what the DJs are downloading.  Be sure to always check in with MyMP3Pool and the DJ section over here at DJBooth.net for all the latest in DJ news and music news.

DIY: Mini Innofader PNP + Pioneer DJM-T1 [Video]

The Mini Innofader is a user replaceable long life and low profile fader that can fit into many different mixers and controllers to give users a very durable and adjustable upgrade option.  The Mini Innofader PNP is like a slimmed down version of the bigger Innofader so that it can fit into smaller spaces, but it still retains the solid/smooth contruction, the ability to adjust the cut-in distance, the polarity, and the sharpness of the curve.

Odyssey Introduces Black Krom Cases

Odyssey has been making high quality DJ cases to protect all types of DJ equipment when in transport and not in use.  I’ve been personally using Odyssey cases for nearly 17 years and they keep releasing new products with a twist to keep all DJ’s happy.  The latest release is their new Black Krom cases which are a bit more “slim” than regular gear cases and they also have a stealthy black appearance all the way around.

Pioneer DJ Accessories

Pioneer DJ has been making club standard DJ gear for quite some time now, so it’s no surprise that they started stepping up their DJ accessories lineup to compliment their premier gear.  Pioneer DJ has just released a new 16GB USB Flash Drive which would be perfect for Rekordbox/CDJ users and colored P-Lock Fader knobs to replace or customize the Pioneer DJM-750/850/800/2000 looks.

[CLOSED] Win an Exclusive Vinyl Version of De La Soul’s “Smell The Da.I.S.Y.”

UPDATE: Congrats to Terrence “DJ Teknision” Lawyer for winning the contest! Stay tuned for the next one!

MyMP3Pool Top 25 Downloads: April 2014 pt. 2

We are happy to release the Top 25 downloads for the second part of April brought to you by MyMP3Pool. This post is specifically for the DJ who need the hottest tracks out, the second they drop.  We do this every two weeks to inform our users what their peers have been downloading worldwide and which songs are the hottest.  Check out the list after the jump and enjoy!

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