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[Review] Denon DJ SC2900 Mutli-Media Player

The Denon DJ SC2900 is the new jog-wheel based multi-media playback DJ device that shares almost all of the same features and functions of the Denon DJ SC3900 which we reviewed last year. The Denon DJ SC3900 was a definite success for DJ’s who wanted the closest vinyl-feel possible, but still gave the DJ options to play music using various forms of media or computer/tablet connectivity. It only makes sense that Denon would now focus its efforts on appeasing the DJ’s who want a CDJ-like jog wheel feel.

[Video] Denon SC2900 Unboxing & First Impressions

Last week, Denon DJ has announced the new update V.1.1.0 of their new Engine software which will make for a more enjoyable experience when using it in conjunction with the SC2900 and SC3900 Multi-Media players. Hot off the heels of the announcement, Denon has sent us a new Denon SC2900 for a full written and HD-Video review. The SC2900 is essentially the jog-wheel version of their SC3900 Multi-Media player which has an actively spinning platter with a true vinyl feel. The jog wheel has a multi-color LED ring around it to give the DJ key indicators during playback. The SC2900 has four on-board hot cue buttons, loop controls, separate start/stop adjustment knobs, Slip-Mode, and easy to use browsing controls. The Full review will be completed shortly, but watch the unboxing and first impressions video to see the unit fresh out of the box.

Denon DJ Engine Management Software Update V1.1.0

The Denon DJ Engine Music Management Software gets a new update with some cool new features to make using the Denon SC2900 and SC3900 an even more enjoyable experience. With the new Engine V1.1.0 software update update for PC/Mac and iOS there is also a new Firmware update for the Denon SC2900/SC3900 players which will make the user experience more fluid and accurate. Check out the new features and the update link after the jump.

[Video] Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus Slip Mode Tutorial

The Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus is the latest and greatest CD and Multimedia deck that Pioneer has ever created. The new CDJ-2000nexus includes the Slip Mode function that was found on the CDJ-900's but was inexplicably left off of the original CDJ-2000. The Slip Mode allows DJ's to manipulate a track via loops, cue points, and platter movements while the track continues to play underneath so when the manipulation is complete, the track will continue to play in the position it would have been if there were no outside influence. Check out the Pioneer Tutorial video inside to see the Slip Mode in action.

[Video] Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus Traktor HID Tutorial

The new Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus has a lot of new functions and updates from the original CDJ-2000 that will allow DJ's to sync songs together with the touch of a button and it can also work in perfect harmony with the new Traktor Pro 2.6 DJ software. We reviewed the CDJ-2000nexus and showed you just how easy it is to get the CDJ-2000nexus working with the Traktor Pro 2.6 software, but Pioneer DJ does one better with a full video tutorial showing DJ's how to connect and use them in seamless HID mode. Check out the video tutorial after the jump.

[NAMM 2013] Mixvibes Cross 2.3 Pioneer HID Support

The good folks over at Mixvibes has just released the new Cross 2.3 update that will allow for seamless HID integration with the Pioneer CDJ lineup. With this new update, DJ's can control Mixvibes 2.3 using all of the buttons and knobs found on the Pioneer CDJ range of CD decks. There is also a cool new Slip mode and Smart Seek mode added to Cross 2.3 to give DJ's ultimate control. Check out the video and quick press release after the jump.

[NAMM 2013] Pioneer’s Platinum Limited Edition DJ Gear

Pioneer DJ is offering something special to DJ's who want to stand out from the crowd but still want the same latest and greatest features found in the flagship Pioneer DJ Setup. For NAMM 2013, Pioneer DJ has announced its Platinum Limited Edition setup which will include two platinum edition CDJ-2000nexus-M CD decks and a DJM-900nexus-M DJ mixer all for the cool price of $8500. The platinum limited edition RMX-1000-M is also available for $1200. Check out the video and full press release inside.

[Review] Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus

The Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus is the new flagship Pioneer Multi-Media deck with some nice improvements over the original CDJ-2000 with the inclusion of Beat Sync, Slip-Mode, Wireless Rekordbox Integration, Perfect Traktor HID Integration, and a new updated display with Zoom Waveforms and color indicators. Check out my new update review video and writeup to see if this costly upgrade is worth the price of admission.

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