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[Review] 808 Audio Performer BT Headphones

808 Audio is a quality sound company that produces speakers and headphones for many different applications.  808 Audio recently released the new Performer and Performer BT (Bluetooth) Over-The-Ear headphones which were made by DJ’s and for DJ’s who want a good set of cans to take with them on the go and for the DJbooth.  The Scratch DJ Academy also uses them to train their students in the DJ classrooms. Check out our quick rundown video review to see if they’re a good fit for your own monitoring needs.

Alto Professional TSL115 LED Speaker

We here at can appreciate the Alto Professional speakers for their good value and quality sound.  We recently reviewed their flagship Black Series Speakers and found that they were an excellent setup for Mobile DJ’s and professional installations.  Alto Professional has recently announced a new TSL115 15-inch; two-way powered speaker with a lighted LED ring around the woofer that can pulse and glow to the beat in different patterns.

V-MODA 3D Printed Headphones [Video]

If you’ve been following this DJ blog for a while, then you would already know that my absolute favorite DJ headphones are the V-MODA M-100.  These headphones have great looks, impressive sound, excellent fit, and durability.  You also have the option to remove the shields on the outside of the earcups and design them via graphics and colors exactly as you wish.  V-MODA now takes this design concept a serious step forward by allowing these shields to be 3D printed with even more design options and on a huge selection of materials from steel to platinum.

Rane MP2015 Isolator Demo [Video]

The New Rane MP2015 rotary digital mixer has excellent build quality, top-notch sound, and a cool way to mix music using knobs instead of faders.  The Rane MP2015 has four channels and an additional channel that can be used to link other channels together for easier manipulation.  The Internal dual-USB soundcard that is present on the MP2015 is capable of running Traktor DVS timecode over these channels as well as recording a mix in high-quality audio.  The Rane MP2015 has an Isolator section at the top which also allows for some cool EQ effects on the fly.  Check out the new Rane video showing the use of the new Isolator found on the MP2015.

Rane TTM57MKII Mixer Post-Fader FX [Video]

The new Rane TTM57MKII is like a mixture of a Rane Sixty-Two and the original and iconic TTM57SL.  The TTM57MKII has dual USB ports for easy changeovers when switching DJ’s and laptops, four RGB Backlit pads per channel that can launch hot cues and samples, and it also has that familiar layout and those magnetic scratch-worthy faders that only Rane can produce.  Watch this new video where Rafael from the Rane Factory demonstrates how easy it is to put Serato DJ FX into a favorites list, then choose and adjust your live effects with the controls on the new TTM57MKII Mixer.

Serato DJ - DJ FX Tutorial [Video]

Serato DJ has come a long way in terms of available effects within its software setup.  The new izotope effects found in Serato sound great and they have lots of depth to make them unique.  There are many different tricks and tips that can be found within the Serato DJ effects engine.  The Serato DJ team has just released an in-depth tutorial video on the Serato DJ FX powered by iZotope.  Check out the video after the jump.

Beatmaking On Maschine Discussion [Video]

The recently reviewed Native Instruments Maschine Studio hardware provides best-in-class production control with two new hi-res color displays, a new edit section with a large jog wheel, and 16-multi-color backlit velocity-sensitive drum pads.  At last month’s Red Bull Music Academy Festival in New York, NI and RBMA teamed up to put together a special roundtable with hip-hop studio icons Just Blaze, 9th Wonder, Khrysis, and G.O.O.D. Music’s President Che Pope. It was a really interesting conversation about collaboration, hip-hop production and how to make songs with Maschine.

Atomix Power Room Virtual DJ Episode 5 [Video]

Virtual DJ has been making waves among Digital Vinyl users recently when they announced that their new algorithm for their DVS engine is as good as any other software out there and they’ve been challenging DJ’s to see if they can break it.  Atomix has started a new video web series called Power Room that will feature Virtual DJ being used and abused by some of the best DJ’s around.  In this fifth episode, the Atomix team take the Virtual DJ DVS setup to Miami to see DJ Bounce (the head instructor at Scratch DJ Academy) and get his impressions of the new engine in VDJ 8.

Denon MC6000MK2 Tutuorial [Video]

Denon DJ has recently released their brand new flagship controller the MC6000MK2 which is an update to their original top-of-the-line controller which adds Serato DJ compatibility, Slip Mode, Aluminum-Top Jog Wheels, the Loop Roll feature, and more.  The MC6000MK2 is a high-powered and well-built four-channel DJ controller and standalone mixer that has the versatility to work with all popular DJ software including Serato, Traktor, VDJ, and Mixvibes Cross. We recently reviewed the MC6000MK2 and we found that it was a great Mobile DJ controller with lots of features that are popular today.  Check out this quick Denon DJ tutorial walk-through video to see more on the MC6000MK2.

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 Tutorial [Video]

The new Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 entry-level DJ controllers are now available.  The new versions of the Mixtrack 3 have a new streamlined and simple layout, taller and higher resolution jog wheels, large 100mm pitch sliders, and a touch-sensitive strip above the jog wheels for effects and track scrolling/searching.  Check out the quick tutorial walk-through video from Numark to see most of the features and functions of the Mixtrack Pro 3.


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