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Yung Joc

Yung Joc ft. T-Pain - Mollie

With mentions in just about every other hip-hop song these days it’s no surprise that Mollie has become the new “it girl” in hip-hop and by “girl” I mean recreational drug. The latest artist to...Read More

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Phyllisia ft. Yung Joc & Jah Cure - I Love You Artwork

Phyllisia ft. Yung Joc & Jah Cure - I Love You

Previously glimpsed providing backing vocals for Jah Cure on January 2010’s Unconditional Love, Phyllisia steps into the solo spotlight with newly-released promo single I Love You. Produced by Eddie Mix, this smooth...Read More

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Yung Joc ft. Yo Gotti & Stuey Rock - What She Like Artwork

Yung Joc ft. Yo Gotti & Stuey Rock - What She Like

Yung Joc‘s career to date may have been the very opposite of a smooth ride to the top, but the ATL mainstay does have one very important thing going for him: he knows how to please a woman. “How the hell is that going...Read More

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Yung Joc - Yeah Boy Artwork

Yung Joc - Yeah Boy

While many applauded Yung Joc for ditching Bad Boy and going the independent, digital-only route with last year’s Grind Flu LP, the album itself met a lukewarm reception from readers; suffice it to say, Mr. Robinson...Read More

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Game ft. Yung Joc - We Do It B.I.G

The heat index was about 104 when I was working outside today, so I can only imagine that if I heard this hip-hop fire while I was working I’d be passed out on the side of the road somewhere. While his anticipated new...Read More

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Yung Joc

Yung Joc ft. Montana Da Mac - Grind Flu

In a society constantly fretting over epidemics (bird flu earlier this decade, and swine flu in the present day), the News Team are always on the lookout for new illnesses on the verge of spreading throughout the...Read More

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Hurricane Chris

Hurricane Chris ft. Various Artists - She’s Fine (Remix)

In his exclusive interview with our own DJ Z, Hurricane Chris gave his thoughts on the massive success of She’s Fine (Halle Berry), a smash hit single that’s spawned an equally popular dance craze—Halle Berry...Read More

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Leron Young

Lee Carr ft. Yung Joc - Patron (Rhythm & Nuvo)

About fourteen months ago, the Booth premiered then-brand new Jive signee Lee Carr‘s debut single attempt, Never Let U Go.  Despite ultra-positive reviews for that record and his other four Booth features, the NYC...Read More

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Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane ft. Three 6 Mafia, OJ Da Juiceman, Project Pat & Yung Joc - Never Too Much (Remix)

This past Sunday, Drumma Boy dropped Welcome II My City, a mixtape that, in addition to introducing the industry to the roster of his new Drum Squad label, marked the superproducer’s debut as a rapper.  This cut,...Read More

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Diddy ft. Xplicit & Yung Joc - Diddy Bop

Every three years or so, Sean John Combs gets ready to release an album of his own (whether it be as Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, or just Diddy).  For 2009, he and his newly-formed group, Dirty Money (consisting of himself, Dawn...Read More

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Paul Wall

Paul Wall ft. Yung Joc & Gorilla Zoe - Fly

Paul Wall has matured quite a bit since he dropped Get Money, Stay True, both as a recording artist and as a man.  As such, his junior album, Fast Life, will include fewer typical Houston chop-and-screw jams than...Read More

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Nitti ft. Bobby V, Gucci Mane & Yung Joc - Drinkz On Up

Having already racked up production credits on numerous Dirty South hip-hop hits, Nitti has decided to jump on the bandwagon and drop an album of his own.  What separates him from the Swizz Beatz, Khaos, and Bangladeshes...Read More

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Day26 ft. Yung Joc & Diddy - Imma Put It On Her

As our own M. Burmy noted in his review of Day26‘s last Booth feature, Stadium Music, the R&B five-piece are the only Making the Band group still intact—Danity Kane, O-Town, and Da Band have all gone their...Read More

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Yung Joc

Yung Joc ft. Slim - Wham

Now that he’s one of the better-known rappers in today’s industry, Yung Joc has decided to take his career to the next level; along with Bad Boy South/Atlantic, Joc will release his third album, Mr....Read More

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Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx ft. T-Pain & Yung Joc - Blame It (Remix)

On this brand-new remix of Jamie Foxx‘s Blame It, guest artist Yung Joc reveals what it is that he’s been drinking: “Patroose,” a cocktail consisting of equal parts Patron and Grey Goose.  While this...Read More

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Nephu ft. Yung Joc - Dance for Me

Nephu, an Atlanta-based all-male R&B quartet whose previous features include the Midnight Black-produced I Should Know U and the Q Da Kid-assisted She Got That Fire, are back once again inside our DJBooth.  Though...Read More

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Yung Joc

Yung Joc - Real Hard

From 1968 to 2001, Fred Rogers hosted his highly-successful children’s television show, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.  Roughly eight years since the show ended its 33-year run, an inspired Yung Joc, whose real name is...Read More

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Paula DeAnda

Paula DeAnda ft. Yung Joc - Stunned Out

Paula DeAnda may be a teenager, but the Corpus Christi, Texas native knows she has talent beyond her years.  On the first single off her as-yet-untitled sophomore album, Ms. DeAnda revs up her pop expertise to get...Read More

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Bow Wow

Bow Wow ft. Yung Joc - Big Girls

There is only one politically-minded rapper who is currently touring the United States on a voter registration initiative.  Incredibly, that rapper is Bow Wow.  Gearing up to vote in his first election (he was 17...Read More

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Urban Mystic

Urban Mystic ft. Yung Joc - Main Squeeze

As the flagship artist on SoBe Entertainment, R&B singer Urban Mystic released his debut album, Ghetto Revelations, in 2004, which was followed by its sequel two years later.  Having flown under the radar for his...Read More

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Jarvis ft. Yung Joc - Everybody Luv Me

With the departures of Bobby Valentino (which DJBooth exclusively broke) and Steph Jones, Disturbing tha Peace was lacking in the male R&B singer department.  That is, until Atlanta’s Jarvis arrived; on the...Read More

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Asia Cruise

Asia Cruise ft. Yung Joc - Ur Swagger

Asia Cruise may be asking the world who she is on her debut album, Who Is Asia Cruise?, but thanks to the success of her debut single, Selfish, we now know the singer’s identity and style. The R&B focus of Cruise’s...Read More

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Bobby V

Bobby V ft. Yung Joc - Beep Beep

Bobby V has gone through some major career changes this year, which include his decision to leave Disturbing Tha Peace and Def Jam; a move that he revealed exclusively to DJBooth.  Following the release of an online-only...Read More

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Willie The Kid

Willie The Kid ft. Trey Songz, LA The Darkman, Bun B & Yung Joc - Love for Money

A wise man once said, “No matter how hard you hug your money, it will never hug you back.” Apparently, Michigan rapper Willie The Kid doesn’t care. With the way the Rust Belt is tanking financially, can you really blame...Read More

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Lloyd ft. Various Artists - Girls Around the World (Remix)

When producers Jasper and Big Reese chopped up an old Biz Markie sample and created Lloyd’s current single, Girls Around the World, it was only a matter of time before the industry’s best and brightest hopped...Read More

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Luney Tunez

Luney Tunez ft. Gorilla Zoe & Yung Joc - Powerful Drawz (Remix)

With a stage name like Luney Tunez, its safe to assume the Georgia native is a little crazy.  In fact, crazy is exactly what this ATL producer/emcee’s buzz has been like lately.  On the self-produced Powerful...Read More

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Slim (of 112)

Slim ft. Shawty Lo & Yung Joc - So Fly (Remix)

Considered by many the most talented member of veteran R&B group 112, singer Slim is moving full-speed-ahead with promotions for his solo debut, Love’s Crazy.  After landing Atlanta (and Atlantic) artist Yung...Read More

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Kieran ft. Yung Joc & Shawty Lo - My Way

As far as triple threats go, singer-actor-model Tyrese more or less sets the standard in the urban entertainment business. Kieran, however, is out to knock the king from his throne. He has already released a successful debut...Read More

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Yung Joc

Yung Joc - Bookoo

Way back in the day, Americans caught wind of the French-rooted word, beaucoup.  The adjective, which is defined as “an abundance of; galore,” was passed around like the secret word in the children’s game telephone...Read More

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Hot Stylz

Hot Stylz ft. Yung Joc & R. Kelly - Lookin Boy (Remix)

When is the last time a popular hip-hop single made you roll on the floor laughing?  For those who can’t remember, Chicago trio Hot Stylz and their brand of funny might have just invaded your personal comedy...Read More

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Yung Texxus

Yung Texxus ft. Yung Joc - Buss It Open (Remix)

As implied by his name, rapper Yung Texxus represents the Lone Star State (Killeen to be exact).  Backed by industry heavyweights DJ Clue (signed to Desert Storm) and Scarface (as a member of his protégé group, Green...Read More

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Slim (of 112)

Slim (of 112) ft. Yung Joc - So Fly

The art of being ‘fly’ and ‘fresh’ has always been a topic of conversation in hip-hop, but more recently it has been found in numerous R&B jams as well.  Continuing the crossover is...Read More

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One Chance

One Chance ft. Yung Joc - U Can’t (Remix)

After months of One Chance features on DJBooth, with no album release date in sight, J Records has finally made the Chicago based R&B quartet a priority.  Though the label has decided to push the five month old...Read More

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Bohagon ft. Yung Joc - Hit The Floor

No matter where you are in the world, everyone knows what the expression ‘hit the floor’ means.  Since rapper Bohagon is currently getting ready to embark on a one week (six stop) tour through the German cities of...Read More

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Yung Joc

Yung Joc ft. Bun B & Young Dro - Im A G

Yung Joc is hoping the third single will be the charm as he continues to try to boost the slumping sales of Hustlenomics’.  On Im A G Joc declares that he’s “the seventh letter of the alphabet” (you know...Read More

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Peach Candy

Peach Candy ft. Yung Joc - I Wish I Never

After the disappointment of Rain At Home (one of the lowest-rated tracks since DJBooth implemented a rating system), the ladies of Peach Candy knew they had to find a way to redeem themselves.  Luckily, since Kandi is an...Read More

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DJ Drama

DJ Drama ft. Jazze Pha, Nelly, T.I., Yung Joc, Willie the Kid, Young Jeezy & Twista - 5000 Ones

After the Cannon (Remix) and Takin’ Pictures came and went with little mainstream shine, DJ Drama decided to release the third “first single” from his long-awaited Gangsta Grillz: The Album.  Similar to...Read More

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Cherish ft. Yung Joc - Killa

Cherish looks to help liberate their fellow females on the new single, Killa.  Though not exactly the most kosher title for a single being pitched to radio, the up-tempo club banger should remind fans of their catchy...Read More

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Yung Joc

Yung Joc ft. Gorilla Zoe - Bottle Poppin

To help boost the meager sales of Hustlenomics, Yung Joc has released yet another single.  Bottle Poppin’, which seems like the 27th collaboration with rhyme partner Gorilla Zoe, finds the two MCs describing how...Read More

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David Banner

David Banner ft. Chris Brown, Yung Joc & Jim Jones - Get Like Me

Somewhere in-between 2003’s Missisippi: The Album and 2005’s Certified, rapper/producer David Banner decided to start constructing his albums similar to DJ Khaled (or maybe it was the other way around?, who knows). ...Read More

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Trae The Truth

Trae ft. Yung Joc & Gorilla Zoe - Throwaways

Houston MC Trae returns with the newest street single, Throwaways, from his upcoming album Life Goes On.  The term “throwaways” refers to inexpensive guns that can be thrown away after one use, so...Read More

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Yung Joc

Yung Joc - Play Ya Cards

In order for an upstart rapper to make money in ‘the game,’ every decision needs to be made with an eye towards the future.  If millions of dollars are to flood through the doors, a successful cross country...Read More

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Jessi Malay

Jessi Malay ft. Yung Joc - Booty Bangs

Man, it seems like every urban artist (from the guys who rap to the girls who sing R&B) is a pimp these days.  Up-and-coming R&B singer Jessi Malay is no exception, as proven on her debut single Booty...Read More

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Elephant Man

Elephant Man ft. Wyclef, Swizz Beatz, Yung Joc, Assassin - Five-O (Remix)

One of the most striking similarities between reggae and hip-hop is a distrust and disregard for the police, as is expressed on the remix to Elephant Man‘s Five-O.  In addition to original collaborator/producer...Read More

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DJ Pharris

DJ Pharris ft. Yung Joc, Jim Jones, & Bump J - See It 4 Ya Self

First it was Kay Slay, then Greg Street, then Khaled, then Drama.  Now, introducing the newest DJ to make a compilation track, the Pepsi DJs’ very own DJ Pharris.  Coming straight from Chicago Pharris has what...Read More

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Diddy ft. Keyshia Cole, Yung Joc, The Game, Big Boi & Rich Boy - Last Night (Remix)

As he stated on the 2002 Bad Boy compilation album, We Invented The Remix,—um—oh, yeah… Diddy invented the remix.  Reinventing himself once again almost four years later, Diddy contracted a slew of...Read More

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Yung Joc

Yung Joc ft. Gorilla Zoe - Coffee Shop

While parents of young children will be nodding their heads to Yung Joc‘s street single Coffee Shop during their morning carpool run, their well educated children will be shaking their collective heads in...Read More

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Cheri Dennis aka Cheri Coke

Cheri Dennis ft. Yung Joc & Gorilla Zoe - Portrait

Cheri Dennis is Diddy’s current queen of Bad Boy (sit down Danity Kane) and on her new track Portrait she shows she’s got more than just powerful friends.  The song is heavy on synth and bass harmonies,...Read More

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8Ball & MJG

8Ball & MJG ft. Yung Joc - Clap On

Memphis duo 8Ball & MJG have dropped the lead single, Clap On, from their new album Ridin High.  Featuring Young Joc, the cut slaps you in the face and gives you a proper dose of Hip-Hop.  Keeping it in the...Read More

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T-Pain ft. Yung Joc - Buy You A Drink (Shawty Snappin’)

T-Pain is back with his trademark vocoder effected voice and lusty lyrics.  The track Snappin’ (Buy You A Drink) holds true to his southern roots, mixing a Crunk/Snap movement foundation with T-Pain’s own...Read More

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