Wriggly Scott Songs

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Wriggly Scott ft. Feras Ibrahim (aka Toofless) & Jibberish - Names Artwork
Song: Names
Just how much can Names tell you about a person? Sometimes, quite a bit; for example, Wriggly Scott‘s alias indicates to me that he probably owns the director’s cut of Blade Runner. (As... More
Posted about 2 years ago
Wriggly Scott ft. Feras Ibraham, Jibberish & Nora B - Music Artwork
Song: Music
Don’t get it twisted; Wriggly Scott may have chosen the most nondescript title possible for his latest promotional single, but Music is anything but generic. The Britain-born, Dubai-based... More
Posted 2 years ago
Wriggly Scott ft. Feras Ibrahim & Sofia Portanet - Brainchild Artwork
Back in the B.C.‘s, before the Man Upstairs splintered the universal language into the many and diverse tongues spoken to this day (as the story goes, he was hacked off about the construction of... More
Posted 3 years ago