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Wes James - Burn Trees, Plant Seeds Artwork

Wes James - Burn Trees, Plant Seeds

Wes James‘s upcoming Trip in Fall project has yet to receive a solid drop date, but that hasn’t stopped him from sharing what he already has in the can. Already featured twice thus far in 2014 (ATMS hit our front...Read More

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Wes James - ATMS Artwork

Wes James - ATMS

Before listening to the latest song release from Wes James, I was trying to figure out what the title, “ATMS,” meant. After listening, I still have absolutely no idea, and I’m even more confused than I was...Read More

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Wes James - Caught Up Artwork

Wes James - Caught Up

It is never good to get so infatuated with something (or someone) that you make it (or them) your whole life. If you simply must get Caught Up with something, make sure it’s Wes James‘s debut feature which,...Read More

Average Rating: 32121