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Uptown Swuite ft. Rappin’ 4Tay & Slo-Mo - The Fonk

What exactly is The Fonk referenced in the title of Uptown Swuite‘s new single? Other than it being derived from the word “funk,” I have no fonkin’ idea—but by the time the record’s through,...Read More

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Kahlee ft. Uptown Swuite & Blame One - Shining Star Artwork

Kahlee ft. Uptown Swuite & Blame One - Shining Star

Late last month, West Coast mic-murderer Kahlee lit the fuse on his imminent industry takeover by unleashing the lead single off his forthcoming, DJBooth-hosted solo EP. While that reader-approved cut seemed to indicate that...Read More

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SoulSwuite - Heroes Artwork

SoulSwuite - Heroes

At the top of the month, Vacaville, Cali rhymesayer Uptown Swuite and New Zealand-based rapper/producer SoulChef brought us the exclusive premiere of Aotearoa Dedicated, their debut single as duo SoulSwuite and the inaugural...Read More

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SoulSwuite (UptownSwuite & SoulChef) - Aotearoa Dedicated Artwork

SoulSwuite (UptownSwuite & SoulChef) - Aotearoa Dedicated

Uptown Swuite, a Vacaville, Cali rhymesayer introduced to our pages as one-third of The Seed, has linked up with beatsmith SoulChef to form newly-launched crew SoulSwuite. Making its world premiere right here on our front...Read More

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Uptown Swuite - Kaged Bird Artwork

Uptown Swuite - Kaged Bird

Not featured in the Booth since February of last year, when he linked up with us to release his acclaimed Beneath the Lights street album, Uptown Swuite makes his return to our pages with the world premiere of a fresh,...Read More

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Uptown Swuite ft. Kahlee (The Seed) - Cukui (Forever) Artwork

Uptown Swuite ft. Kahlee (The Seed) - Cukui (Forever)

Located at 229 Jackson St. in San Jose, California, clothing retailer Cukui takes its name from the Hawaiian word for “candlenut”—a symbol of enlightenment, protection and peace. Making its world premire right here...Read More

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Uptown Swuite

Uptown Swuite - When I Die

On the latest world premiere off his forthcoming,Booth-sponsored street album, Cali repper and The Seed member takes a long look in the mirror, reflecting on what his legacy will be “When I Die.” DJ Flow and...Read More

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Uptown Swuite - Encore Artwork

Uptown Swuite - Encore

After earning reader approval for Southside, the inaugural leak off his forthcoming mixtape, it’s only right that The Seed emcee Uptown Swuite returns for an Encore. Making its world premiere on our front page, this...Read More

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Uptown Swuite

Uptown Swuite - Southside

Now that Cali duo The Seed have released two street albums in the Booth (BREAKINGROUND, The Seed LP), I think it’s safe to say that Kahlee and Uptown Swuite have hit the big-time—from here, it’s all a downhill...Read More

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Revolution of the Mind ft. Kahlee & Uptown Swuite (of The Seed) - Ain’t Seen Me Since Artwork

Revolution of the Mind ft. Kahlee & Uptown Swuite (of The Seed) - Ain’t Seen Me Since

Whether they’re looking to radically overhaul the status quo or simply to put a new twist on a classic formula, every artist enters the game with a vision for change. In the case of Revolution of the Mind, the stage...Read More

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