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N.O.R.E. ft. Raekwon & Tony Sunshine - Face Off

Now that he’s free of any traditional “label deal,” N.O.R.E. is taking his aggressive lyrical style to the next level, and he’s so confident in his new approach that, on this newly-leaked cut, he...Read More

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N.O.R.E. ft. Tony Sunshine - Face Off

When NYC street cats get angry, they get livid, and after all the setbacks he’s experienced throughout his rap career, who could blame veteran N.O.R.E. for being upset.  Fed up with industry politics, the...Read More

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K.A.R. ft. Tony Sunshine - Stop Talkin

While hip-hop’s obsession with the ‘no-snitch rule’ has caused its fair share of controversy, numerous MCs see it as a way to kick-start a career.  Just ask Koch Records signees K.A.R. (acronym for Kill All...Read More

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Mike Beck

Mike Beck ft. Tony Sunshine - Momma Use To Say

While life in any ghetto across the country is a bleak existence to many, there are those (including successful rappers) who aspire to stay planted and run their block.  As Mike Beck can tell you, these decided few have...Read More

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Tony Sunshine

Tony Sunshine ft. Fat Joe - I Love Them Both

After being in and out of the music scene since 2000, Terror Squad’s R&B singer Tony Sunshine finally releases a solo single of his own.  I Love Them Both is the story of a man who has a family at home but a...Read More

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