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J.Lately ft. TiRon - All Away Artwork

J.Lately ft. TiRon - All Away

Life isn’t always easy and we can’t pretend that it is. It’s okay, if not encouraged, to constantly relieve stress so that you can move on to whatever the next day has in store for you. That’s exactly...Read More

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TiRon & Ayomari - No Filter Artwork

TiRon & Ayomari - No Filter

Most of us have mental mechanisms, whether conscious or unconscious, that prevent us from immortalizing our erotic daydreams in song and uploading them to the ‘net for all to hear. The rest, well, they become...Read More

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Breezy Lovejoy

Breezy Lovejoy ft. TiRon - Piece in the Glovebox

With Booth debut Sadie and its accompanying video, which depicted the singer at the center of a convenience-store stickup, Breezy Lovejoy emphasized the contrast between his smooth, alternative style and his street-certified...Read More

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TiRon & Ayomari - Thing Go Right Artwork

TiRon & Ayomari - Thing Go Right

Ever been caught in a relationship that feels like it’s moving underwater? Like things are so slow, and every move take so much effort, you can’t breathe? Tiron and Ayomari can relate, or at least that’s...Read More

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ScHoolboy Q x TiRon - Love Me Not Artwork

ScHoolboy Q x TiRon - Love Me Not

Music doesn’t always need a purpose. Sometimes two rappers just make a record because the beat sounds nice and they’ve got some rhymes they need to get on track. Case in point, ScHoolboy Q and TiRon’s Love Me Not, a new...Read More

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J.Y. ft. TiRon & Michael Francis - The Greatest Feeling Artwork

J.Y. ft. TiRon & Michael Francis - The Greatest Feeling

What’s The Greatest Feeling? “Accomplishment. When success is at your grasp. And you go after it.” Or at least that’s what I was able to grab from the DJBooth.net premiere of Jersey-raised emcee J.Y....Read More

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Steve Liriks

Steve Liriks ft. Tab-One, TiRon, & Ayomari - Peace, Prosperity, & Health

Here at the Booth we’re always happy to shine the light on artists that listeners might not have known about beforehand, but would be more than glad to discover. Steve Liriks is one of those talents in the game today, as...Read More

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Blu ft. Pac Div, U-N-I, J*DaVeY, TiRon & Ayomari - Doin’ Something

On his latest leak Doin’ Something, L.A. native Blu keeps with his gritty underground edge, calling on the help of a few friends: Pac Div, U-N-I, J*Davey, TiRon and Ayomari. Producer Flying Lotus provides a scratchy beat...Read More

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MaLLy ft. TiRon - All Out Artwork

MaLLy ft. TiRon - All Out

For the past 6.5 months, Minneapolis emcee and freestyle alum MaLLy has been debuting a new single on the 15th of each month. Today, he brings us the world premiere of the final entry in his Free on the 15th series. All Out...Read More

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TiRon - 60901

Despite residing in the City of Angels, For Your Smile emcee TiRon will always represent his hometown, Chicago. Except, actually, it’s a little more complicated than that – as he explains on his latest single (a...Read More

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Ayomari ft. TiRon & Tunji - Just a Dreamer

Roughly 99.9% of rappers featured in the Booth can be placed in one of two categories based on the photos displayed on their artist pages: (a) trying to look cool or (b) trying to look intimidating. Well, thanks to Booth...Read More

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TiRon - For Your Smile

Last (and first) we heard from TiRon, the Los Angeles native was comparing life ambitions with reader favorite XV. Unsurprisingly, both rappers’ To Do Lists involved chilling with beautiful women. On the first leak off...Read More

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XV ft. TiRon - To Do List

Even when they have nothing else, aspiring artists have a dream that motivates them to succeed—whether it’s superstardom or simply earning enough to pay next month’s rent.  XV, however, has a lengthier To Do...Read More

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