The Gooneez Songs

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DJ Sidereal ft. The Gooneez & Mod Sun - All I Need Is Sunshine (Remix) Artwork
Featuring: The Gooneez | Mod Sun
For natives of Minnesota’s Twin Cities, this winter has been one of the most brutal in a hot minute—and believe me, that’s saying something. So it’s hard not to empathize with... More
Posted 9 months ago
The Gooneez x DJ Sidereal ft. Bizzy Bone - Hittin’ Hard Artwork
Featuring: DJ Sidereal | Bizzy Bone
There are few things in life are cooler than Bone Thugs-n-Harmony; it’s a proven fact. It is for this reason, and several others that the latest single from The Gooneez is all the more dope.... More
Posted 9 months ago
DJ Sidereal ft. The Gooneez - As We Proceed Artwork
Featuring: The Gooneez
Introduced to our pages with late June’s All I Need Is Sunshine, Minneapolis’ DJ Sidereal makes his return to the Booth with As We Proceed. Whereas the first-named cut was an all-Twin... More
Posted one year ago
The Gooneez ft. Hed Rok - Carne x Brew Artwork
Last we heard from Los Angeles underground crew The Gooneez was in fall of last year, when they garnered positive reader reviews for Dilla-inspired video single The Stars. Having spent the first half... More
Posted one year ago
The Gooneez x The Fratelleez - The Stars Artwork
On Booth debut Too Strong, featured back in October of 2011, The Gooneez offered listeners a grueling glimpse into the poverty-stricken urban environment, expressing their confidence that they... More
Posted 2 years ago
The Gooneez & The Fratelleez ft. Kendrick Lamar - Too Strong Artwork
Featuring: Kendrick Lamar
“HEY YOU GUYS!!!” Sorry, just thought I’d get the obligatory Goonies reference out of the way at the beginning, since it’d be a shame to undermine a poignant and insightful jam like... More
Posted 3 years ago