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The Foreign Exchange ft. Eric Roberson & Shana Tucker - Better Artwork
Song: Better
Thought The Foreign Exchange‘s last feature, Call It Home / Pity, was some good sh*t? Well, their latest single is Better. By which I mean, that’s the record’s title. Whether... More
Posted one year ago
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The Foreign Exchange - Call It Home / Pity Artwork
Not featured in the Booth since dropping off So What if It Is back in January, First in Flight State innovators The Foreign Exchange compensate for their extended absence by doubling up on their... More
Posted one year ago
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The Foreign Exchange ft. Carlitta Durand & Damaris Fletcher - So What If It Is Artwork
Featuring: Carlitta Durand
Haven’t kept up with The Foreign Exchange since last we featured them way back in summer 2011? Not to worry; the duo’s forthcoming two-disc compilation is expressly designed to bring you... More
Posted 2 years ago
Montage One ft. Yahzarah & The Foreign Exchange - Lie #1 Artwork
Song: Lie #1
Lying can be a great way to build credibility when you don’t deserve it. (Remember how Vanilla Ice supposedly grew up in the ‘hood and went to high school with Luther Campbell?)... More
Posted 2 years ago
The Foreign Exchange ft. Amber & Paris Strother (of KING) - All the Kisses Artwork
It been almost three years since Dutch beatsmith Nicolay and Little Brother alum Phonte, together known as The Foreign Exchange, made their Booth debut with Daykeeper. Today, the crew return with All... More
Posted 3 years ago
The Foreign Exchange
For proof that hip-hop has truly gone global, take a listen to the eclectic sounds of The Foreign Exchange: producer Nicolay hails from Holland, while mic-man Phonte (of Little Brother) hails from... More
Posted 6 years ago
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