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Swollen Members - Shut the Light Artwork

Swollen Members - Shut the Light

Why risk getting trampled at your local big box store this Friday, when you can purchase gifts for all the hip-hop lovers in your life from the comfort of your own home? To build anticipation for the massive sale soon to go...Read More

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Swollen Members - King of Diamonds Artwork

Swollen Members - King of Diamonds

While Mad Child has made a few solo Booth appearances in the interim, it’s been about three-and-a-half years since the Swollen Members have come together to bring us a fresh feature. (August 2009’s Red Dragon was...Read More

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Swollen Members

Swollen Members - Red Dragon

The Swollen Members’ collective moniker speaks volumes about the Vancouver-based trio’s style—if you guessed “crass, confrontational, and unapologetically underground,” you’re right on the money. ...Read More

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