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Chris Faust ft. Sunny Jones & ScienZe - Prom Queen Artwork

Chris Faust ft. Sunny Jones & ScienZe - Prom Queen

Of all the legendary songs Tupac released, I think Do For Love is my personal number one, which is why I have a soft spot for Chris Faust’s latest single, Prom Queen. Towards the end of the song, guest Sunny Jones quotes a...Read More

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Sunny Jones

Sunny Jones ft. Chris Faust - Get Off It… (The Office)

It’s been said before, but it bears repeating: when it comes to the music game, not all that glitters is gold. On Sunny Jones’ latest single release, Get Off It (The Office), 2 Thumbs Up craft a minimalistic...Read More

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Green Street ft. Sunny Jones - Runways Artwork

Green Street ft. Sunny Jones - Runways

Some people were simply born for the fast life—and Green Street are a case in point. Previously heard chronicling a day in their hectic hustle on March’s surprisingly chill Coastin’, the...Read More

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Sunny Jones

Sunny Jones - What Lovers Do

It’s a classic dilemma: while It’s hard to stem the tide when a deep friendship begins to turn into something deeper (and even harder to stop once you’ve started), romance often brings the kind of discord...Read More

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Chris Faust

Chris Faust ft. Sunny Jones - Maybe Now Begins

If Chris Faust’s latest leak is an indicator of what can be expected on his upcoming project FAUST, then May 17 Is going to be a great day. On Maybe Now Begins, over a dirty kick-snare pattern and colorful electric guitar...Read More

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