Substantial Songs

Substantial (of Bop Alloy) - Splendor Artwork
Recently, Bop Alloy member and 13-year hip-hop veteran Substantial was signed to HiPNOTT Records—a decision which label owner Kevin Nottingham referred to as a “no-brainer.” If you’re not... More
Posted on Sep 04, 2014
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Fjer ft. Substantial & DJ JS-1 - Children (QN5 Remix) Artwork
Artist: Fjer
Featuring: Substantial | DJ JS-1
Since I had to look it up, I’ll give y’all a hint right off the top: Fjer is pronounced like “fear,” not “fuh-jer,” and it’s Danish for “feather.” The moniker definitely... More
Posted on Aug 07, 2014
Bop Alloy - Waiting Room (Freestyle) Artwork
Artist: Bop Alloy
Featuring: Substantial
While touring the U.S. this past spring, emcee Substantial and beatsmith Marcus D. managed to step into the studio together for the first time since releasing Another Day in the Life Of…, their... More
Posted on Jun 16, 2014
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LEEHAHN ft. Substantial & Steph the Sapphic Songstress - Shoulders of Giants Artwork
Featuring: Substantial
You know a Booth debut has made a big impression when our editors remember it a year later. Such is the case with LHA‘s Now or Never. Though LEEHAHN is on his own this time, Shoulders of Giants... More
Posted on Feb 19, 2014
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CunninLynguists Presents Natti ft. Sha Stimuli & Substantial - Architecture Artwork
Featuring: Sha Stimuli | Substantial
Natti, a Kentucky rhymesayer best known for his work as one-third of the Cunninlynguists, is getting ready to launch his solo career with the release of debut independent full-length Still Motion.... More
Posted on Sep 19, 2013
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P.R ft. Skyzoo & Substantial - Set the Scene Artwork
Artist: P.R
Featuring: Skyzoo | Substantial
In the grand scheme of things, a month between a first and second Booth feature ain’t long at all—some artists spend years away from our pages before making a repeat visit. Nonetheless, in... More
Posted on Aug 26, 2013
Substantial ft. Steph The Sapphic Songstress - Golden Lady Artwork
Back in 2013, while recovering from a preventative surgery for cancer, Baltimore emcee Substantial was inspired to begin work on a tribute to Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Jill Scott, one of his... More
Posted on Mar 07, 2013
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Substantial ft. yU - Movin’ Alright Artwork
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an emcee? On Movin’ Alright, Substantial, joined by fellow DMV emcee yU, gives us a glimpse into this world. While some like to present a... More
Posted on Dec 13, 2012
Substantial - See Hear Artwork
To someone just passing through, Substantial‘s home turf might look like any other ‘hood. To the Baltimore rhymesayer, however, those city blocks are the repository of myriad hopes,... More
Posted on Dec 02, 2012
Substantial ft. Kenn Starr & Kokayi - Grateful Artwork
Featuring: Kokayi
Thanksgiving may be a month and change away, but it’s never a bad time to count your blessings. Maryland rhymesayer Substantial does just that on this freshly-released album bonus cut,... More
Posted on Oct 11, 2012
Substantial ft. Homeboy Sandman & Javier Starks - Reloaded Artwork
Featuring: Homeboy Sandman
At the top of the month, Bop Alloy member Substantial blew Boothgoers away with Check the Resume, a record from forthcoming album Home Is Where The Art Is which earned him an impressive 4.4-star... More
Posted on Aug 22, 2012
Substantial - Check The Resume Artwork
You may know Substantial as one-half of The R&R creators Bop Alloy, you may know him as the solo emcee who dropped Would You Be Mine, or you may not know him at all. In that case, I suggest you... More
Posted on Aug 01, 2012
Substantial ft. Jsoul - Would You Be Mine? Artwork
Want to tell that special someone how you feel, but can’t seem to find the words? Baltimore representative Substantial is here to show you how it’s done with inaugural mixtape leak Would... More
Posted on Sep 27, 2011
Artist: Kokayi
Featuring: Substantial
Song: Summery
You’ve gotta love an artist who tells it like it is. Take Kokayi, for example: the DMV buzzmaker’s latest feature is titled Summery, and “summery” is exactly what it is. Fortunately... More
Posted on May 01, 2011
Artist: Gods'Illa
Featuring: Substantial | Kingpen Slim
Haven’t you always wondered, “If Erykah Badu hosted a mixtape, which artists would grace it’s cover?” Yeah, me neither, but since the CPR Blendtape is doing just that, I have to say it... More
Posted on Apr 14, 2011
Plenty of rappers have tackled the topic of hater-dom, but most keep their trash talk relatively low-concept; Substantial‘s first Booth feature is a decidedly different story. On The W.W.K.Y.A.... More
Posted on Oct 21, 2009