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Stalley ft. Crystal Torres - Long Way Down

When you’ve climbed as high as Stalley has in a relatively short period of time, you’re bound to experience a little vertigo. After all, as hookwoman Crystal Torres puts it on the Masillon, Ohio native’s...Read More

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Stalley - Midwest Blues Artwork

Stalley - Midwest Blues

Lately, Ohio spitter Stalley‘s been suffering from a case of the Midwest Blues. What exactly does that ailment involve? Shockingly, it’s got nothing whatsoever to do with the horrible weather that’s recently...Read More

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Stalley - Raise Your Weapons Artwork

Stalley - Raise Your Weapons

I don’t own a weapon (discounting my set of kitchen knives) and I have only shot a gun once (at a firing range), but I am fairly sure that Stalley needs my help. No matter where you stand on the gun control debate, please...Read More

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Stalley ft. Lil Keke, Trae tha Truth, Bun B, E.S.G. & Chamillionaire - Swangin’ (Ol School Remix)

I’ll keep it one-hundred: when I hear the phrase “Ol School” (with or without the ‘d’), Houston isn’t the first city that comes to mind. Which is a damn shame, because it actually has a deep and...Read More

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Stalley ft. Schoolboy Q - NineteenEighty7 Artwork

Stalley ft. Schoolboy Q - NineteenEighty7

If you ask me, the best year ever was 1988 (It just so happens that was my birth year.). After listening to Stalley’s latest effort, however, I think NineteenEighty7 may give ’88 a run for its money. West Coast veteran...Read More

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Stalley - A-Wax

On his last mixtape single, MMG emcee Stalley raised his figurative weapon against the strife and inequity that pervade our society, and encouraged listeners to do the same. Don’t get it twisted, though; if you run...Read More

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Stalley - White Minks & Gator Sleeves Artwork

Stalley - White Minks & Gator Sleeves

Some days, rocking just one species simply ain’t enough. That’s when Stalley busts out the White Minks & Gator Sleeves. The ensemble the Ohio native describes on the latest single off his Maybach Music Group...Read More

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Stalley ft. Scarface - Swangin Artwork

Stalley ft. Scarface - Swangin

It’s been a hot minute since Stalley had a solo feature on our pages; his last, Lincoln Way Nights outtake Jungle, was released way back in October of 2011. Now that he’s buckled down to work on his Maybach Music...Read More

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Mary J Blige ft. Rick Ross, Wale, Stalley & Meek Mill - Why (Remix) Artwork

Mary J Blige ft. Rick Ross, Wale, Stalley & Meek Mill - Why (Remix)

Greeted with largely positive reader reviews when it first hit the Booth back in March, MJB‘s Why makes its return to our pages in officially remixed form. Joining the headliner and original feature Rick Ross over DJ...Read More

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Maybach Music Group ft. Kendrick Lamar - Power Circle Artwork

Maybach Music Group ft. Kendrick Lamar - Power Circle

When you’ve got the entire MMG roster (minus Omarion) appearing on the same cut, you expect a banging, DJ Khaled-esque posse cut, right? Wrong. Instead el generalissimo Rick Ross decides to take things in a completely...Read More

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Rick Ross

Rick Ross, Wale & Stalley - Another Round (Freestyle)

Judging by the level of success Fat Joe‘s Breezy-assisted single achieved when it dropped back in fall 2011, Rick Ross figured that listeners wouldn’t mind if Another Round returned for, well, Another Round. On...Read More

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Leedz Edutainment ft. Stalley & Apollo The Great - Stay Charged Artwork

Leedz Edutainment ft. Stalley & Apollo The Great - Stay Charged

An indie label based out of Boston, Leedz Edutainment are getting ready to showcase their impressive stable on a brand new, DJBooth-hosted compilation album. Making its world premiere right here in The DJBooth, inaugural leak...Read More

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Stalley ft. Freeway & Rashad - Jungle

Now that Stalley is making late night Wing Stop runs alongside Rick Ross, or at least that’s what I picture being signed to Maybach Music is like, hip-hop heads who missed Stalley’s initial rise are hungry to find...Read More

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G-Side ft. Stalley & Joi Tiffany - Gettin’ It

Ever since The One, Huntsville, Alabama duo G-Side has renewed my desire to acquire hood mixtapes just for the whip. Keeping it centered on what they represent, G-Side takes the dirt road to show how keeping knuckles to the...Read More

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tabi Bonney

tabi Bonney ft. Stalley & Diz Gibran - Relax

Looking for something breezy yet left-of-center to head-nod along to while Relaxing in the sun? Look no further—making its world premiere in the Booth, tabi Bonney‘s latest unreleased joint is the ideal chill-out...Read More

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Apache Chief

Apache Chief ft. Stalley & Betty Trouble - Let Go

We’ve all got a little mental baggage we’d do well to Let Go of; on his first Booth feature and latest single, Apache Chief sifts through some of his own, engaging in some candid self-reflection over the breezy...Read More

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Stalley ft. Rashad - Summer in America Artwork

Stalley ft. Rashad - Summer in America

I wasn’t sure how Stalley was going to fit within Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group structure, but musically for Stalley ain’t a damn thing changed. His music still has that soulful sound that you’ve come...Read More

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Wale ft. Stalley, Black Cobain & Tone P - Cookup

Fresh off the release of Self Made Vol. 1, a Maybach Music compilation album prominently featuring the D.C. heavyweight, Wale continues in that project’s bombastically fresh, vein on his latest solo effort. Unreleased...Read More

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Nesby Phips

Nesby Phips ft. Curren$y & Stalley - Magic

Hoping to bring our readers under his spell, Dirty Southern up-and-comer Nesby Phips has stepped into the Booth to work a little Magic on your eardrums. On this unreleased joint, the pensive, sampled boardwork of production...Read More

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Stalley ft. Rick Ross - Lincoln Way Nights (Shop Remix) Artwork

Stalley ft. Rick Ross - Lincoln Way Nights (Shop Remix)

I’m no expert on hip-hop etiquette, but I do know one thing: when you’re a rap buzzmaker and you’ve just been signed to a heavyweight artist’s label imprint, it’s proper protocol to celebrate the...Read More

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Stalley ft. Rashad - Slapp Artwork

Stalley ft. Rashad - Slapp

There’s nothing quite like cruising in a fitted ride and catching eyes as you drive through. While the best I’ve been able to do was call shotgun in a friend’s vehicle (just as much fun, none of the noise violation...Read More

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Stalley - Monkey Ish (RIP Pimp C)

Nearly three years after the UGK legend’s tragic death, rappers from the Lone Star State and beyond continue to pay regular tribute to Pimp C, and it’s no mystery why: behind the Southern-fried swagger, hot...Read More

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