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Spectac & Shakim ft. Fat Rat da Czar & Rogue - Shine Artwork
Song: Shine
Thus far in the week, the weather has been depressingly cloudy around my way. Lucky for me, Spectac & Shakim chose today to brighten up the Booth with Shine, a freshly-released standout off their... More
Posted one year ago
Spectac & Shakim - For the People Artwork
Spectac should consider changing his name to “Spectac The Storyteller.” A perfect example of why this makes sense is his new, DJ Shakim produced single For The People. The title track off... More
Posted 2 years ago
Editor's Pick
Spectac & Shakim ft. Skyzoo, Warren Wint, Sha Stimuli & Señor Kaos - Moment of Truth Artwork
Featuring: Skyzoo | Sha Stimuli | Señor Kaos
Picture your middle school principal. Now, imagine him or her busting out a freestyled verse in front of the student body. If that’s not the wackest concept in the history of wack concepts, I... More
Posted 2 years ago
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