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Soulslicers ft. El Lay & Sparkingtin - Another Part of History Artwork
Album: Slice of Life
The Soulslicers’ latest street album dropped via The DJBooth at the top of June but, considering the staggering volume of high-profile projects that have come out in the interim, its release may... More
Posted on Jul 08, 2013
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Soulslicers ft. EMS - Past Doubt Artwork
Album: Slice of Life
Met with universal praise when it premiered on our pages earlier this month, the title track off the Soulslicers’ latest mixtape should have been enough to convince you the DJBooth-hosted... More
Posted on Jun 12, 2013
Soulslicers ft. N.B.S. & Jaysaun - Slice of Life Artwork
Album: Slice of Life
When a movie or novel is described as a “Slice of Life,” that’s usually code for “a story where nothing much happens.” Not so with the Soulslicers’ latest effort. Making its world... More
Posted on Jun 05, 2013