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Sonny - Moses Is Greater Than Jesus Artwork

Sonny - Moses Is Greater Than Jesus

I’m beginning to sense a pattern here. On the lead single off his forthcoming solo project, The Dean’s List frontman Sonny Shotz offered scriptural evidence that Paul (13th Apostle) [Was] Gay, and on the follow-up...Read More

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Sonny Shotz

Sonny - Noah the African

Contrary to what FOX News would have you believe, Santa Claus and Jesus didn’t have the lily-white complexions with which they’re depicted in popular culture. While the Book of Genesis doesn’t specify where...Read More

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Sonny - (13th) Apostle Paul Was Gay Artwork

Sonny - (13th) Apostle Paul Was Gay

From Ted Haggard to Eddie Long, the most prominent religious critics of homosexuality have frequently been revealed to be in the closet, after being caught in compromising situations. According to some, these are only recent...Read More

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Sonny Shotz - Stewed in Sicily (Bonobo Remix) Artwork

Sonny Shotz - Stewed in Sicily (Bonobo Remix)

Previously heard rocking the mic as one-third of Boston trio The Dean’s List, and as a guest on two cuts by OnCue, Sonny Shotz returns to our pages with his contemplative solo Booth debut, Stewed in Sicily (Bonobo...Read More

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OnCue x Sonny Shotz - Anything Real

Plenty of emcees lament the lack of Anything Real in the rap game, but few actually walk the walk when it comes to keeping it one-hundred at all times. A member of this rare breed, Connecticut native (and freestyle series...Read More

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OnCue ft. Sonny Shotz & Kyle Lucas - Picky Nikki

Since OnCue‘s debut in back in June, we’ve heard the Ct. native vent about the fickleness of Friends and the merciless nature of the game, but somehow the topic of girl troubles never came up. As it turns out, the...Read More

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