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Sol - Trojan Artwork

Sol - Trojan

Whoever said that a dog is man’s best friend was clearly not sexually active, or didn’t know Sol. Two parts humor, one part PSA, and one part advertising, the Seattle emcee’s latest song release, Trojan,...Read More

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Dave B ft. Sol - Boathouse Artwork

Dave B ft. Sol - Boathouse

One of the perks of living on the Western Seaboard is the ability to head down to the coast and enjoy a boat ride along the Pacific shoreline. Don’t have a watercraft at your disposal? Not to worry—Booth newcomer Dave...Read More

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Sol ft. Shayhan - Tomorrow Artwork

Sol ft. Shayhan - Tomorrow

When you’re a hard-working emcee, you run the risk of burning out. Sol was getting close to exhaustion but, after a year abroad, he has returned to his hometown of Seattle feeling rejuvenated and ready for whatever...Read More

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Sol - Turn Me Loud Artwork

Sol - Turn Me Loud

It’s a little early for me to be listening to music at floorboard-rattling volume, but those without sleeping neighbors should make sure their speakers are operating at full capacity before hitting play. The title of...Read More

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Brothers From Another ft. Sol - Pike & Broadway Artwork

Brothers From Another ft. Sol - Pike & Broadway

Brothers From Another‘s last EP single, Drunk Talk, saw the Seattle duo swilling Henny and Coke as they reflected on their love lives, the nine-to-five grind and other eminently relatable topics. On project standout...Read More

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Sol - Jump In Artwork

Sol - Jump In

Sometimes, the only way to escape the summer heat is to take a dip at the pool. By comparion, Sol’s latest effort is as refreshing as taking a Jump In to the deep end on the hottest day of the year. Setting the stage for...Read More

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Sol - Dope Artwork

Sol - Dope

For most artists, the creative process includes hibernating in a studio until some real progress is made. While locking himself in a room doing five beats a day for three summers might work for Kanye, Sol prefers to get out...Read More

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Sol - Sometime in April

Released in October 2012, Sol‘s last DJBooth feature found the Seattle repper reflecting on the permanent changes his ongoing world travels had wrought on his perspective, making the Old Him a thing of the past. Three...Read More

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Sol - Old Him Artwork

Sol - Old Him

Even when he’s “8,000 miles from home,” you can count on Sol to hold his fanbase down. Written on the night train to Bangalore, India and recorded in Chennai (while suffering from food poisoning thanks to an...Read More

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Sol ft. Ray Dalton - Need Your Love Artwork

Sol ft. Ray Dalton - Need Your Love

Being a woman has to be tough. Marketing and advertising firms are working around the clock to make women feel uncomfortable in their own skin and boost sales for their big name clients. Women are assailed by other women, as...Read More

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Sol - Be Good or Be Careful Artwork

Sol - Be Good or Be Careful

Washington emcee Sol is currently preparing to embark on a nine-month journey across the globe, funded by a Bonderman travel fellowship the artist received as an honors student at the U of W. By way of a goodbye letter to...Read More

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Grynch ft. Sol - I’m Good Artwork

Grynch ft. Sol - I’m Good

Sometimes, one little letter can make all the difference. Whereas The Grinch of Christmas-stealing fame is a misanthrope who can’t stand to see others having a good time, Grynch is an eternal optimist who wants nothing...Read More

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Sol - Stage Dive Artwork

Sol - Stage Dive

Though 2012 is still so young that, if it were a baby, it’d still be rocking that little umbilical cord stump, Sol‘s not letting a second go to waste. On the contrary, the underground rhymesayer’s jumping...Read More

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Wizdom ft. Sol, Luck-One & Grynch - That’s Nice Artwork

Wizdom ft. Sol, Luck-One & Grynch - That’s Nice

When a talented emcee like Wizdom gathers up his mic-murderingest colleagues to craft a dope ensemble cut, what is there to say but “For sure, That’s Nice”? (That’s the luxuriant “That’s nice,” of...Read More

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Sol - Albert Einstein Artwork

Sol - Albert Einstein

What does hip-hop have in common with the study of physics? Well, both are heavily concerned with bodies in motion—and, on a more relevant note, they both take serious smarts to do right. On the Washingtonian...Read More

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Kyle Lucas ft. Sol - Let Me In Artwork

Kyle Lucas ft. Sol - Let Me In

Knock, knock. “Who’s there?” Kyle Lucas “Kyle Lucas, who?” Kyle Lucas the Atlanta emcee and Vonnegutt frontman, here to tell you more about his personal struggles on a fresh EP leak. OK, so my knock-knock jokes...Read More

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Sol ft. Grieves & Budo - The Times Artwork

Sol ft. Grieves & Budo - The Times

To quote the great philosopher Andy Warhol, “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” Or, as This Sh*t emcee Sol puts it on his second Booth feature, “We all know that nothing...Read More

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Sol - This Sh*t Artwork

Sol - This Sh*t

Regular readers know that I have a propensity towards obscenity, so handing me a song titled This S**t is a pretty f**king solid guarantee that most of this write-up will be scattered with asterisks. F**k it, sometimes you...Read More

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