SL Jones Songs

SL Jones x DJ Burn One ft. Rittz - M.D.M.A. Artwork
Artist: SL Jones
Featuring: DJ Burn One | Rittz
Having administered their own version of anti-drug program D.A.R.E. on their last feature, SL Jones and DJ Burn One once again grapple with the destructive allure of drugs on the latest single off... More
Posted on Jun 27, 2012
SL Jones
Artist: SL Jones
Featuring: DJ Burn One
Song: D.A.R.E
If you’re a member of my generation, you likely remember local cops visiting your elementary school to lecture you about the dangers of drugs, alcohol and gang violence. (And, if you were... More
Posted on Apr 30, 2012
SL Jones - Wave Runner Artwork
Artist: SL Jones
For all the songs about expensive whips, personal watercrafts seem to get little love in the game. SL Jones, however, is looking to change that with his latest feature. On EP outtake Wave Runner... More
Posted on Feb 14, 2012
Deniro Farrar
Featuring: SL Jones
What lurks in the depths of Booth newcomer Deniro Farrar‘s psyche? On a newly-leaked mixtape standout, the First in Flight State repper gives us the lowdown, laying bare his Subconscious mind... More
Posted on Feb 08, 2012
SL Jones
Artist: SL Jones
If there are three things in this world that Little Rock representative SL Jones cares about in this world, they’re money, money and more money. As such, he’s a Walkin’ Investment... More
Posted on May 23, 2011