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Sid Sriram - SAGETRON Artwork

Sid Sriram - SAGETRON

Not featured since September of 2013, when he capped off promotion for his Booth-hosted West Coast Nightfall Pt. 1 tape with video single Superstar, Sid Sriram returns to our front page with the inaugural song release (and...Read More

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Sid Sriram - Superstar Artwork

Sid Sriram - Superstar

As the eclectic array of sounds and styles on display in his work suggest, Sid Sriram‘s record collection isn’t limited to hip-hop and R&B. Rock, both old and new, is also a key component in the Bay Area...Read More

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Sid Sriram - Winter Mind Artwork

Sid Sriram - Winter Mind

The mercury may be rising, but Sid Sriram‘s still shivering on the inside. Why? As the singer, songwriter and producer puts it on the lead single off his next EP, making its world premiere on our front page, he’s...Read More

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Sid Sriram - Anymore Artwork

Sid Sriram - Anymore

An up-and-coming singer/songwriter hailing from the Bay Area, Sid Sriram introduces his left-of-center R&B style to the DJBooth with a freshly-minted single, released as part of the Converse Rubber Tracks series. On...Read More

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