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ShowYouSuck ft. Oreo Jones - I Hope Your Next Pizza Is the Best One Artwork
With the winter holidays fast approaching, ShowYouSuck brings us glad tidings in a form that will offend absolutely nobody—well, except vegans and the gluten-intolerant. While “I Hope Your Next... More
Posted 4 months ago
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ShowYouSuck - 80’s Boobs Artwork
Album: Dude Bro EP
Update: We have added the Addison Wright-directed visuals for ShowYouSuck’s 80’s Boobs single. Like many ‘80s babies, Chi-town emcee ShowYouSuck spent a sizable chunk of his... More
Posted one year ago
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ShowYouSuck - Make-Out King Artwork
Album: Dude Bro EP
I was only alive for the last two years of the ‘80s (and I don’t remember much), but I can safely say that, had it dropped during that decade, ShowYouSuck’s Make-Out King would have been... More
Posted one year ago
ShowYouSuck - Flip Phone Artwork
In this era of iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S4s, the humble Flip Phone has been stereotyped as a tool of corner boys—that, or a stopgap solution for someone who just dropped their $400 smart phone in... More
Posted one year ago
Pugs Atomz ft. ShowYouSuck - Tempo Artwork
Artist: Pugs Atomz
Featuring: ShowYouSuck
Song: Tempo
Pugs Atomz’ fall-2012 promo single, Wind It Up, might have been more accurately titled Wind It Down, as it would be the Chi-town emcee’s last appearance on our pages for the better part of... More
Posted one year ago
ProbCause ft. ShowYouSuck, Psalm One & Auggie the 9th - SUBZERO Artwork
Artist: ProbCause
Featuring: Psalm One | ShowYouSuck
As of my writing, Chicago is in the midst of a blizzard, that, when all is said and done, is expected to leave behind up to 10 inches of snow. Which means that, as one the city’s coldest emcees,... More
Posted 2 years ago
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