Sean Leon Songs

Tre Capital ft. Sean Leon - Prestige Artwork
Featuring: Sean Leon
If you say it with the right accent, Tre Capital‘s stage name means “very important” in French. Whether or not the pun was intended, it’s appropriate given the theme of his latest... More
Posted about 7 months ago
Sean Leon - September 7 Artwork
Artist: Sean Leon
Four months after making his last Booth appearance with Keys to the City, Sean Leon returns to our front page with a freshly-released loosie. On September 7th, Sunny Diamonds‘s pensive,... More
Posted 7 months ago
Sean Leon - Keys To The City Artwork
Artist: Sean Leon
One of the greatest honors that can be bestowed upon a regular citizen is receiving the Keys To The City. For Sean Leon, it’s not so much receiving the keys but rather taking them. On the... More
Posted 11 months ago
Editor's Pick
Sean Leon - Black Punk Motherfxcker Artwork
Artist: Sean Leon
Last week, Sean Leon introduced himself to The DJBooth with Elephant Graveyard/100 Shots, a two-part cut whose dark, eclectic vibe won it positive reviews on our pages. Premiered yesterday via Noisey,... More
Posted one year ago
Sean Leon - Elephant Graveyard/100 Shots Artwork
Artist: Sean Leon
Remember how creepy the Elephant Graveyard seemed, when you first watched The Lion King as a young’n? Well, prepare to experience that feeling again, when you hit play on the first Booth feature... More
Posted one year ago
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