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Scoe - B*tch I Ball Artwork

Scoe - B*tch I Ball

If there’s one thing Scoe loves more than making money, it’s spending it in the most ostentatious way imaginable. That’s common knowledge to those who’ve been following the Philly repper’s career...Read More

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Scoe - The Crown Artwork

Scoe - The Crown

Looks like Logic and King Chip have a little competition. Just hours after the aforementioned emcees declared themselves Two Kings on the former’s latest promo cut, Los Angeles emcee Scoe stakes his own claim to The...Read More

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Scoe - They Ain’t Ready

After getting fans all riled up with his last DJBooth release, Thank You featuring Kendrick Lamar, Los Angeles spitter Scoe has opted to take the solo route for his forthcoming album’s second single. Produced by...Read More

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Scoe ft. Kendrick Lamar - Thank You Artwork

Scoe ft. Kendrick Lamar - Thank You

More than a decade after work first began on Detox, hip-hop heads everywhere are still awaiting the album as if it were the second coming of Christ. I bring that up only because it illustrates the unbelievable level of...Read More

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Scoe - End of Summer Artwork

Scoe - End of Summer

With summer on the cusp of turning into autumn, I hope y’all are spending plenty of time outside, enjoying the beautiful weather—with regular breaks to listen to the latest tunes in The DJBooth, of course. Previously...Read More

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Scoe - Sunset Strip

While Booth newcomer Scoe (formerly known as Roscoe) was born in Philly, he has equal love for Los Angeles, the city where he came up and currently resides. On the latest single off his forthcoming full-length, the emcee...Read More

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