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S-Preme - Righteous Artwork

S-Preme - Righteous

“Righteous!” hasn’t been cutting-edge slang since the days of Bill & Ted, but it seems to be making a comeback in hip-hop. Earlier this month, we heard Soul Khan declare his Supreme Righteousness on a...Read More

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S-Preme - 28 Artwork

S-Preme - 28

Yesterday, Windy City rhymesayer S-Preme celebrated another year on this Earth. Well, I say “celebrated,” but that may not be the right word—judging by this freshly-minted promo single, the birthday wasn’t an...Read More

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S-Preme - Dope (Fly For Life) Artwork

S-Preme - Dope (Fly For Life)

Although Chicago emcee S-Preme may have taken a brief musical hiatus, prior to this month’s Booth feature Nothing Less he was last featured in September, his latest record Dope (Fly For Life) is a clear indicator that...Read More

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S-Preme - Nothing Less Artwork

S-Preme - Nothing Less

Still high off his recent experiences opening for the likes of Lupe Fiasco and B.o.B, S-Preme asserts that he’s Nothing Less than the best to do it on a brand new song release off his next LP. On this larger-than-life...Read More

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S-Preme - Lights! Artwork

S-Preme - Lights!

It’s paradoxical but true: the very same thing that makes everything clear can, in excess, leave you blinded. I wish I could take responsibility for that deep observation, but credit is actually due to Windy City...Read More

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S-Preme ft. BrandUn DeShay - I Got It Made Artwork

S-Preme ft. BrandUn DeShay - I Got It Made

After getting his mash-up on with the Booth-hosted S-Prodigy EP, Chicagoan S-Preme is back with new release I Got It Made.  Features vocals and production courtesy of fellow Chi-Towner BrandUn DeShay, Made is apart of...Read More

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LA & Mr. Music ft. Gio, S-Preme, & Nique - The Fire Artwork

LA & Mr. Music ft. Gio, S-Preme, & Nique - The Fire

Considering the stage name, I probably don’t need to tell you that rapper LA and his partner, producer/hookman, Mr. Music hail from… Chicago? Huh. That’s a little unintuitive. So, does that mean their first...Read More

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S-Preme - Spitfire Artwork

S-Preme - Spitfire

Did you know that the English “Spitfire” (“a person… with a fiery temper”) was originally derived from the Florentine cacafuoco, a compound word meaning… you guessed it… sh*tfire? I sh*t you not –...Read More

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S-Preme - Winner

The 134th entry in our DJBooth.net Freestyle Series comes courtesy of S-Preme, the Chi-town native who recently earned reader acclaim for mixtape cut Go Hard. On his brand new, previously-unreleased Winner freestyle, the...Read More

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S-Preme - Go Hard

I’m a dreamer. Ask me what I’m doing in five years (or even two years for that matter) and I’ll drop a list of possibilities so long you’ll think its R. Kelly’s list of sexual partners. S-Preme, on the other hand,...Read More

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S-Preme - Radio

S-Preme‘s first Booth feature, Test Your Might, relied on Charles Hamilton‘s Mortal Kombat-sampling beat to get spins. Though that strategy worked (to an extent), the Chicago native regards his latest feature,...Read More

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S-Preme - Test Your Might

An up-and-coming MC from Chicago, S-Preme has joined forces with several of the Booth’s favorite artists to pioneer a brand-new sound.  This new musical school is known as the “Amajanese” (a portmanteau of American...Read More

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