Rugz D. Bewler Songs

Rugz D. Bewler - ET Artwork
Song: ET
On Rugz D. Bewler‘s most recent mixtape, Bené, he proudly declared himself a “Beautiful Extraterrestrial N**ga Eating.” Beautiful and well-fed are clearly dope things to be, but what... More
Posted on Feb 28, 2014
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Rugz D. Bewler - My Ego Artwork
Song: My Ego
In the contemporary world of hip-hop, unchecked narcissism is pretty much the status quo. Harlem’s Rugz D. Bewler, however, knows the value of keeping one’s Ego in check. On the latest... More
Posted on Dec 04, 2013
Rugz D. Bewler - On Point Artwork
Halfway through Yeezus opener On Sight, Kanye, Daft Punk and Mike Dean‘s abrasive electronic beat abruptly gives way to a brief interpolation of Sermon (He’ll Give Us What We Really Need),... More
Posted on Oct 04, 2013
Rugz D. Bewler - Ghost of Betha Artwork
Mason “Ma$e” Betha is alive and well, but the late-‘90s hitmaker’s long and arduous struggle to escape from his Bad Boy contract seems to have destroyed his interest in a major-label... More
Posted on Jun 17, 2013
Rugz D. Bewler - Bad Man’s World Artwork
If you ask Rugz D. Bewler, “We’re living in a Bad Man’s World, but a real n**ga’s playground.” Which is good news for the NYC buzzmaker since, as we learned a couple features... More
Posted on Apr 11, 2013
Rugz D. Bewler - Woosah Artwork
Song: Woosah
Fresh off earning Booth approval for promo cut Real Nin[G]a Sh*t, Rugz D. Bewler returns to our pages with a RA-NYC collaboration—this time, accompanied by the official visuals of director Sean... More
Posted on May 10, 2012
Rugz D. Bewler - Real Nin[G]a Sh*t Artwork
Popular music hasn’t exactly been kind to the ninja. Whereas practitioners of kung-fu have the Wu-Tang Clan in their corner, feudal Japan’s covert operatives have had to settle for Vanilla... More
Posted on Apr 30, 2012
Ski Beatz ft. Rugz D. Bewler & Nicole Wray - Thank God Artwork
Artist: Ski Beatz
Inspired by a classic scene from Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing, Ski Beatz and his collaborators Thank God for the pleasures of the flesh on the fifth single/video off his newest solo set. Here,... More
Posted on Mar 28, 2012
Rugz D. Bewler - Right Fist Artwork
Rugz D. Bewler is a master of the first impression. How many other rappers could walk into Jim Jones’ studio, play a couple songs, inspire the Dipset capo to phone Dame Dash, get invited to... More
Posted on Nov 22, 2011