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Roses Gabor - Rush Artwork
Song: Rush
Some people prefer to take things slow with a new partner, gradually edging closer as trust develops. Roses Gabor? She doesn’t f**k around. On Rush, her first feature since 2012’s... More
Posted 10 months ago
Artist: Estelle
Featuring: Roses Gabor
On a steamy new cut from Estelle, the UK songstress says that she can do Whatever You Like. Well, what I’d like to do is listen to this song on repeat; although, from the sound of things, that’s... More
Posted 2 years ago
Roses Gabor
Song: Stars
In the promotional material accompanying Roses Gabor‘s Girls Music debut single, the record is described as, “a song for clubs and night bus journeys alike.” It’s tough to imagine a... More
Posted 2 years ago
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