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Bambu ft. Roscoe Umali - So Many (Remix) Artwork
Artist: Bambu
Featuring: Roscoe Umali
You can always count on Bambu to pair infectious grooves with a powerful message. Fresh off putting down for guerrilla revolutionaries at home and and abroad on the trunk-banging Rent Money, the Los... More
Posted on Oct 17, 2012
Roscoe Umali
Featuring: One Block Radius
The ‘80s have definitely made a comeback in urban music, and not just in the ways you might expect—though plenty of artists on the purist/hipster end of the spectrum are looking to... More
Posted on Jun 24, 2009
Roscoe Umali
Song: U Girl
At the risk of sounding creepy, I bet Roscoe Umali gives great hugs. C’mon, don’t play like you’ve never thought of it before. Everything from his giant teddy bear stature to his comically low... More
Posted on Aug 13, 2008
Roscoe Umali
Featuring: Colby O'Donis
As the summer heats up, party anthems and laid-back pool jams will begin to receive equal attention and constant spins from radio outlets across the country.  Knowing exactly how it all works... More
Posted on May 27, 2008
Roscoe Umali
Featuring: Bobby V | E-40
When you sign-up for an account at, they ask for a “headline” that will appear at the top of your profile.  For example, Los Angeles rapper, Roscoe Umali, created the following... More
Posted on Jan 02, 2008