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Rocky Diamonds - Down Artwork
Song: Down
Are you DOWN to listen to some gritty, soulful hip-hop music? I’mma go ahead and assume you answered “yes”—this is The DJBooth, after all. Rocky Diamonds‘s first feature since... More
Posted on Apr 14, 2014
Rocky Diamonds ft. August Alsina - I Pray Artwork
Featuring: August Alsina
Song: I Pray
Nineteen-year-old emcee Rocky Diamonds may be making big moves in the music game, but he hasn’t forgotten his homies who are still embroiled in the struggle. Every night before he goes to sleep,... More
Posted on Jan 09, 2014
Rocky Diamonds - Day One Artwork
Song: Day One
Album: ArtOfficial
If you have ever spent any time in a church or in Sunday school, you’ve more than likely heard how God created the world in six days and used the seventh for rest. Although he is not the creator... More
Posted on Mar 26, 2013
LaRon Brant ft. Rocky Diamonds & ChiliChil (of MDMA) - SEX Artwork
Featuring: Rocky Diamonds
Song: SEX
For a guy with a one-track mind, LaRon Brant is surprisingly versatile. Like his Booth debut, promotional single On Your Skin, SEX is all about getting it in, but where the former was a gentle ballad... More
Posted on Jan 02, 2013
Young Lyxx
Artist: Young Lyxx
Featuring: Rocky Diamonds
Song: WOW
It’s hard to WOW a group of music-lovers as tuned-in as the DJBooth readership, but that doesn’t stop Young Lyxx from trying on his latest promo single. Released along with official... More
Posted on Apr 22, 2012
Rocky Diamonds
Featuring: Mac Miller
Been wondering when Ballin’ Rocky Diamonds would return to our pages with another fresh feature? Well, how does Right Now sound? The latest leak off the his forthcoming mixtape, this grind... More
Posted on Dec 08, 2011
Rocky Diamonds
Featuring: Freeway
While Minneapolis boasts a strong underground scene, “swag” is not a quality commonly associated with my city of residence. Here to change that is Rocky Diamonds, making his Booth debut... More
Posted on Sep 21, 2011