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Rizzle Kicks - Skip to the Good Bit Artwork

Rizzle Kicks - Skip to the Good Bit

Though July’s Lost Generation found Rizzle Kicks lampooning their age group’s fixation on trash media, they didn’t exempt themselves from their own criticism; they’re just as addictied to reality TV as...Read More

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Rizzle Kicks - Don’t Bring Me Down Artwork

Rizzle Kicks - Don’t Bring Me Down

Last we heard from Rizzle Kicks, the UK hip-pop twosome were taking a satirical look at their generation’s media addiction on July video single Lost Generation. As it turns out, Harley Sylvester‘s cynicism...Read More

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Rizzle Kicks - Lost Generation Artwork

Rizzle Kicks - Lost Generation

I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a soft spot for trashy reality TV. I’ve watched the first five seasons of Jersey Shore in their entirety, and loved every single dumb minute of it. UK hip-pop duo Rizzle Kicks...Read More

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Rizzle Kicks

Rizzle Kicks - That’s Classic

An Island UK/Universal-signed twosome already enjoying massive success across the pond, Rizzle Kicks make their grand entrance into The DJBooth with That’s Classic, a freshly-minted single off their forthcoming...Read More

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