Realm Reality (Rick Gonzalez) Songs

Rick Gonzalez - Never Left Artwork
Let it be known: Rick Gonzalez is carrying out an Inquisition of the whack in Hip-Hop and he will spare no clown. Where you see brutality, the Bushwick emcee and actor is simply out to get a rep on... More
Posted on May 04, 2014
Lost Dialect ft. Rick Gonzalez - Dirty Roads Artwork
It is often encouraged that you take the road less traveled. Inglewood, California trio Lost Dialect couldn’t care less if that path is also strewn with some obstacles that will get their hands... More
Posted on May 01, 2014
Koncept x J57 ft. Co$$, Tenacity, Johaz, Blame One, El Prez & Realm Reality - When I Get There Artwork
Artist: Koncept
In 2013, Red Bull Records invited Brooklyn emcee Koncept to L.A. to spend a week in their world-class studio. After due consideration, he decided the opportunity would be best used to create his first... More
Posted on Jan 03, 2014
Rome Clientel ft. Realm Reality & Skyzoo - Champions Artwork
As the cliché goes, birds of a feather flock together. So it should be no surprise to see Rome Clientel flanked by two upper-echelon East Coast lyricists on his latest single, the aptly-titled... More
Posted on Sep 25, 2013
Realm Reality ft. TriState - #GrindmodeLife$tyle Artwork
Featuring: TriState
When he’s not rocking the mic as Realm Reality, Rick Gonzales is a well-known actor in film and television. Most people—myself included—would collapse under the workload of two creative... More
Posted on Aug 30, 2013
Realm Reality - Blu & Fred The Godson - I Just Want to Be There Artwork
Featuring: Blu | Fred The Godson
Sometimes, family disagreements can’t be resolved simply by talking it out. That’s when you queue up a dope beat and lay out your side of the story in rhyme. Realm Reality, the... More
Posted on Feb 12, 2013
Realm Reality ft. Skyzoo - Can’t F**k With Me Artwork
Featuring: Skyzoo
Like the Wu Tang Clan, Booth newcomer Realm Reality ain’t nothin’ to f**k wit. But you’re welcome to give it a try. Go ahead—I dare you. As evidenced by new single Can’t F**k... More
Posted on Oct 24, 2012