RASHAD - First Move Artwork

RASHAD - First Move

If fortune favors the bold, R∆§H∆Ð must be one lucky dude. As his latest feature makes clear, he isn’t scared of making the First Move. The artist’s first release since last February’s The Life, this...Read More

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Rashad ft. Styles P - The Life

Originally dropped via the The DJBooth in May of last year, R∆§H∆Бs Museum LP is currently being reworked for release as a retail product. The expanded edition of the set will feature several freshly-added...Read More

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RASHAD - Machine Gun Artwork

RASHAD - Machine Gun

I know what you’re thinking: R∆§H∆Ð, the man who brought us reflective, mood-elevating cuts like The Moment and The Return, is hardly the type of artist you’d expect to hear waxing poetic about firearms....Read More

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RASHAD ft. PA Flex - Be True Artwork

RASHAD ft. PA Flex - Be True

“The best music is elevator music.” I’m not sure where R?§H?Ð got that sample, but I think anonymous British woman might be on to something; while not adhering to the typical Muzak template, the unsigned...Read More

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RASHAD - The Return Artwork

RASHAD - The Return

More than a month after the release of R?§H?Бs last solo feature, Booth-acclaimed mixtape inclusion The Moment, fans may be starting to wonder, “Is he ever coming back?” If you’ve been spending...Read More

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RASHAD- The Moment Artwork

RASHAD- The Moment

Having spun a lifetime of hard work and preparation into a burgeoning musical career, R?§H?Ð isn’t about to let his opportunity go to waste. On the latest leak off his forthcoming mixtape (brought to our attention by...Read More

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RASHAD - Out of This World Artwork

RASHAD - Out of This World

Though a crowded club isn’t exactly the ideal setting for an intimate moment, that’s easily rectified by stepping outside (or going home together, if it’s that time of the night). If Ohioan singer/songwriter...Read More

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Rashad - Jam (That’s My Sh*t!) Artwork

Rashad - Jam (That’s My Sh*t!)

Remember Rashad, the Grand Hustle signee who brought us Tell Em What They Wanna Hear way back in 2008? Well, forget about that guy—I mean, not permanently, just for the time being. This Rashad, an unsigned R&B singer...Read More

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Stalley ft. Rashad - Summer in America Artwork

Stalley ft. Rashad - Summer in America

I wasn’t sure how Stalley was going to fit within Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group structure, but musically for Stalley ain’t a damn thing changed. His music still has that soulful sound that you’ve come...Read More

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Stalley ft. Rashad - Slapp Artwork

Stalley ft. Rashad - Slapp

There’s nothing quite like cruising in a fitted ride and catching eyes as you drive through. While the best I’ve been able to do was call shotgun in a friend’s vehicle (just as much fun, none of the noise violation...Read More

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