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Phil Beaudreau - Anyway Artwork
Song: Anyway
Still haven’t taken a listen to ETHER, the Booth-acclaimed debut project from Phil Beaudreau? I could write endless paragraphs about the memorable melodies and atmospheric beats you’ll... More
Posted on Feb 03, 2014
Phil Beaudreau - IJWMFTT Artwork
Usually, when we feature a record with an acronymic title, I can make an educated guess as to what it stands for. This time around, I just went ahead and spoiled it for myself—which was a wise... More
Posted on Oct 23, 2013
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Phil Beaudreau - Raid [enemy] Artwork
If you are like me that means that you’ve been constantly checking Twitter and Reddit for updates in the Boston Marathon manhunt, to the point where it has become a daily habit similar to eating... More
Posted on Apr 19, 2013
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Phil Beaudreau ft. Dawaun Parker - This Is Why Artwork
Album: ETHER
Why exactly are we here, floating along ”on a rock in the stars”? Unfortunately for those who were hoping to extract the meaning of life from a pop song (high expectations much?), Phil Beaudreau... More
Posted on Feb 07, 2013
Casey Veggies ft. Phil Beaudreau - Life Changes Artwork
Featuring: Phil Beaudreau
Album: Life Changes
On his latest Booth visit, Casey Veggies speaks the truth. In fact, the title alone, Life Changes, might be an understatement. On the lead track off his recently-released free album, Veggies slows it... More
Posted on Feb 04, 2013
Phil Beaudreau - Take It High Artwork
Album: ETHER
As anyone who knows their Greek mythology is aware, flying too close to the sun is a surefire recipe for a watery grave. That is, if you’re rocking wings made of wax; if, like Booth newcomer... More
Posted on Jan 06, 2013