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Perrion ft. T-Shyne - Follow Me

Earlier this afternoon, we heard Brooklyn veteran Talib Kweli exhort us to become New Leaders rather than followers on the latest single off his fifth full-length. NYC buzzmaker Perrion‘s got different ideas. On new...Read More

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Perrion - Drillin Artwork

Perrion - Drillin

Though disturbing homicide rates in Southside Chicago and elsewhere have made urban gun crime a hot topic in the American media, you’ll rarely hear mainstream pundits put the issue in its proper social context. On his...Read More

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Perrion - High Notes Artwork

Perrion - High Notes

When I saw the title of Perrion‘s latest Booth feature, I was half-expecting a soulful, R&B selection that would find the headliner hitting the the top octave of his vocal range. Though Perrion doesn’t exactly...Read More

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Perrion ft. Black Dave & Slim Dollars - New York, New York Artwork

Perrion ft. Black Dave & Slim Dollars - New York, New York

Having flaunted his mafioso clout and his Superfly style on previous singles, undergound rhymesayer Perrion turns his attention to his hometown on New York, New York, the latest release off his forthcoming street album. Nick...Read More

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Perrion - SuperFly Artwork

Perrion - SuperFly

Now that August is almost over, an end to the oppressive heat will surely follow. It is this climate change, with a touch of fall in the air, perfect 65-70 degrees temps and a slight breeze, that marks my favorite time of...Read More

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Perrion - Corleone Artwork

Perrion - Corleone

Booth newcomer Perrion may not be the rap equivalent of a made man just yet, but the Harlemite’s already a don in his own mind. On new mixtape single Corleone, the follow-up to the non-featured Get a Job, the...Read More

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