Pell Songs

Pell - Runaway Artwork

Pell - Runaway

Earlier this year, our own Lucas G. shined the spotlight on Pell‘s debut set in an article titled “Three Dope New Albums You Might Be Sleeping On.” That wake-up call was undoubtedly effective for many, but some...Read More

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Pell ft. Boldy James - SC2014 Artwork

Pell ft. Boldy James - SC2014

After first being featured in July of 2013, with Ocean View 2.0, Pell has become a steady Booth visitor with eight additional features. He’s even toured with Booth-favorite Yonas, so it’s safe to say he has been...Read More

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Pell - Dollar Store Artwork

Pell - Dollar Store

Stale candy, toothpaste not approved by the American Dental Association, toys that fall apart straight out the box… you name it, the Dollar Store has a sub-par version of it. Pell takes a similarly eclectic approach...Read More

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Pell - Eleven:11 Artwork

Pell - Eleven:11

Urban legend has it that a wish made at precisely Eleven:11 in the morning or afternoon is guaranteed to come true. Whichever one of you was up last night, asking the powers that be for a brand new record from Pell, we have...Read More

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Pell - EST 2005 Artwork

Pell - EST 2005

Nearly a decade after Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans and uprooted Pell along with his family, the Mississippi-based rhymesayer still dreams of returning to the place he remembers from his childhood. On new single EST...Read More

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Pell - Imaginary Friends Artwork

Pell - Imaginary Friends

Having brought us four features thus far in the back half of 2013 (The last was September’s Inner Peace.), Pell has become a good friend of the Booth. Since we don’t know him personally, I guess you could say we’re...Read More

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Pell ft. Big Sant - Inner Peace Artwork

Pell ft. Big Sant - Inner Peace

If you wanted to bet on a young, up-and-coming emcee, you’d be wise to put money on Pell. The New Orleans native’s first Booth feature came in July and, since then, he has continued to impress, showing range, depth...Read More

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Pell - Chewsin’:ThreeSixtyFive Artwork

Pell - Chewsin’:ThreeSixtyFive

Lately, Pell has been determined to bring our readers a constant stream of new and refreshing cuts. In addition to his latest world premiere, Pell has brought us two other Booth-exclusive cuts, Never Let Me Go and Prophecy,...Read More

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Pell - Prophecy Artwork

Pell - Prophecy

In ancient times, soothsayers told tales of a young emcee from the land of New Orleans, who would win favor in The DJBooth by spitting hot flames over a classic industry instrumental. It’s a pretty strange legend, given...Read More

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Pell ft. Flywalker - Never Let Go Artwork

Pell ft. Flywalker - Never Let Go

Although Pell‘s July Booth debut, Ocean View 2.0, definitely got my attention, his style was so unique and refreshing that I wasn’t exactly sure who he was as an emcee. The follow-up (a Booth-exclusive world premiere)...Read More

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Pell - Ocean View 2.0 Artwork

Pell - Ocean View 2.0

There aren’t too many summer activities better than chilling beachside and watching a beautiful sunset. With that in mind, consider Pell‘s debut DJBooth feature (an exclusive world premiere!) a sonic sunset; better...Read More

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