Paul Couture Songs

Paul Couture - O.A.K (One of a Kind) Artwork
In the year that’s passed since Paul Couture‘s last feature, things just haven’t been the same in the Booth. Sure, we’ve had plenty of other talented pop and R&B artists to... More
Posted on Feb 26, 2014
Paul Couture ft. Shwayze - Work Artwork
Song: Work
Sunday evening is both the best and worst time of the week. On the one hand The Walking Dead airs new episodes on A&E, but Sunday night also means that in T minus 12 hours and counting a long week... More
Posted on Mar 03, 2013
Paul Couture ft. Tee Double, Chose & KJ Hines - Flu Flow Artwork
More often than not, it takes an artist a few tries to perfect their craft (unless you’re Odd Future, then apparently you can go straight to the top almost immediately). While we’re not the... More
Posted on May 01, 2011
Paul Couture
Country-western fans drown their sorrows in whiskey and beer. Emo kids put on extra mascara and cry. For R&B singers, however, nothing seems to ease the pain of romantic disappointment like... More
Posted on Apr 28, 2010
Paul Couture
Is love something that can be bought and sold?  If urban radio is any indication, the answer is “Absolutely;” then again, few popular jams stick around long enough to describe the inevitable... More
Posted on Jun 16, 2009
Paul Couture
Featuring: Ludacris
Today we salute you, Mr. Auto-tune inventor. Your contribution to the musical community took its 15 minutes of fame and sprinted away with it. Sure, you initially had us wooed by T-Pain’s and even... More
Posted on Aug 03, 2008