One Dae Songs

One Dae - Bang This Artwork

One Dae - Bang This

Besides being created by the same man, all of Marco Polo’s beats have one thing in common; they make you want to turn up your speakers to the max volume. As a result it should come as no surprise that you will want to Bang...Read More

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One Dae ft. Sean Price - Abu Ghraib Artwork

One Dae ft. Sean Price - Abu Ghraib

Many rappers in the contemporary hip-hop game suffer from a chronic lack of bars, but One Dae‘s got more of ‘em than Abu Ghraib. If you don’t believe me, just take a listen to the latest single off his...Read More

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One Dae ft. C-Razy Walz - Daes & Times Artwork

One Dae ft. C-Razy Walz - Daes & Times

This past Sunday, Brooklyn rhymesayer One Dae kicked off promotion for his next full-length with Bang This, a street-ready lead single which earned positive reviews on our pages. Just five short daes days later, he’s...Read More

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One Dae - Fall Back Artwork

One Dae - Fall Back

If you’re thinking of stepping to Booth newcomer One Dae, you’d best “Fall the f**k Back.” The latest single off the Brooklyn rhymesayer’s recently-released “FreEP,” this cut finds...Read More

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