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Notes to Self - Popular Music Artwork
Don’t let the title of Notes to Self‘s latest single scare you; the T-Dot crew haven’t traded in boom-bap beats and aggressive bars for Autotuned hooks and club rhythms since... More
Posted on Jul 05, 2013
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Bird ft. Little Brother & Notes To Self - Still Shine Artwork
Artist: Bird
Although they haven’t been together since 2010, Little Brother knows no age. Twelve years after the start of their collaborative career, they can Still Shine as brightly as the day they started.... More
Posted on Jun 06, 2013
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Notes to Self - Recoil [Crimson] Artwork
Normally, if you want some top-notch cinematic entertainment, you have to shell out about 15 bucks for a movie ticket. Today, however, Canadian quartet Notes to Self have given fans a free mini-movie... More
Posted on May 30, 2013
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Notes to Self ft. Lee Gaul - Used to Be Dark Artwork
Dope as it undoubtedly feels to perform in front of packed houses in a different city every night, the combo of homesickness, exhaustion and constant proximity ot your tourmates inevitably leads to... More
Posted on Mar 28, 2013
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Notes to Self
Based on the aggressive underground style they’ve exhibited throughout their Booth career to date, Notes to Self aren’t the first rap crew you’d expect to see kicking it with... More
Posted on Feb 08, 2013
Notes to Self - All of the Above Artwork
Notes to Self may represent the gritty, underground side of the hip-hop spectrum, but that doesn’t mean the T-dot crew can’t stunt. Quite the contrary—on All of the Above, the final... More
Posted on Dec 16, 2011
Notes to Self ft. Evidence - Nobody [Recoil Remix] Artwork
Featuring: Evidence
Previously heard collaborating with Dilated Peoples member DJ Babu on the reader-approved Lick Shots, Notes to Self come together with frontman Evidence on their latest effort—a remix of the... More
Posted on Nov 18, 2011
Notes to Self ft. Fashawn - Mr. Polite Artwork
Featuring: Fashawn
Fresh off dazzling hardcore heads in the Booth with the Babu-assisted Lick Shots, Notes to Self return to our pages with another newly-released single off their forthcoming full-length. Mr. Polite... More
Posted on Oct 27, 2011
Notes to Self w. DJ Babu - Lick Shots Artwork
Featuring: DJ Babu
Toronto has, in recent days, been associated with pop progressives like Drake and The Weeknd, but don’t get it twisted; bubbling beneath the surface of Canada’s foremost metropolis is a... More
Posted on Sep 29, 2011