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Noelz Vedere ft. Freddie Gibbs - Out of Focus Artwork

Noelz Vedere ft. Freddie Gibbs - Out of Focus

When Freddie Gibbs is attached to a track, it is advised that you grab a helmet and brace for impact. Every time he steps to the mic, he devours the beat with a rugged, unapologetic flow. Well, on Out of Focus, he is fighting...Read More

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Noelz Vedere - Blackout Artwork

Noelz Vedere - Blackout

Noelz Vedere‘s upcoming album, Bittersweet Victory, due out on May 19, has so many dope guest features that it might just make you Blackout. While the project features the likes of Freddie Gibbs, Sunni Colòn, and Sir...Read More

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Noelz Vedere

Noelz Vedere ft. BabiDoll - Timeless

The moon waxes and wanes, time passes, Noelz decides he’ll know be going by his full name, Noelz Vedere. Things change, but despite the inevitable march of the calendar, certain things are still truly Timeless. For his...Read More

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Noelz Vedere

Noelz - Days Go By

Its a question that’s been asked since the dawn of time, but never settled: are artistic geniuses—in this case, hip-hop prodigies—made, or are they born? If Noelz’ story is any indication, the answer is...Read More

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Noelz Vedere

Noelz ft. BJ The Chicago Kid - Be Alright

Life is never easy for a rapper on the rise, but Booth newcomer Noelz knows that, whatever the game throws at him, he’s gonna Be Alright in the end. Previously released to the ‘net but presented here in its final,...Read More

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