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Nick Weaver

Nick Weaver - Feelin’

We here at The DJBooth try very hard to bring our readers nothing but quality records on each and every new feature, but no matter how hard we try we know that sometimes its simply impossible to please everyone. Unless, of...Read More

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Nick Weaver ft. Hilsyde - Still There Artwork

Nick Weaver ft. Hilsyde - Still There

When US American soldiers return from wars overseas, they often find themselves struggling to reintegrate into a society that doesn’t understand them, with little institutional support from the country they put their...Read More

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Nick Weaver

Nick Weaver ft. Brianna Falcone - Terminal 3

Nick Weaver is coming for your thug tears, and he’s using his latest video single Terminal 3 as his method of extraction. Using the aforementioned airport terminal as the backdrop to this somber expression of the...Read More

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Nick Weaver

Nick Weaver - Lifted

There is nothing quite like hearing a song that gives you goosebumps and makes you feel a little Lifted, which is why we recommend Nick Weaver’s DJBooth debut. The Seattle emcee, backed by a fresh DJ Corbett production,...Read More

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