Nesby Phips Songs

Nesby Phips - Passive Casanova Artwork
An Italian adventurer who lived during the 18th century, Giacomo Casanova is best known today for the myriad women he pursued and seduced over the course of his lifetime. Nesby Phips possesses a... More
Posted on Feb 20, 2014
Nesby Phips ft Curren$y - Rubenstein Bros. Artwork
Featuring: Curren$y
Nesby Phips is sure moving up in the world; just the other day, the New Orleans spitter sat down for brunch with the Rubenstein Bros., proprietors of one of his city’s most dinstinguished... More
Posted on Feb 13, 2012
Nesby Phips ft. Kosher Beets - Hiding in Plain Sight Artwork
If you haven’t noticed Nesby Phips around the Booth lately, you haven’t been looking hard enough; as the N.O. spitter puts it on the latest leak off his forthcoming, DJBooth-sponsored... More
Posted on Nov 07, 2011
Nesby Phips - H.D. & B.G. Artwork
As they say, “I ain’t got nothing but some hard d*ck and bubble gum, and I’m fresh out of bubble gum.” Actually, I’m not sure who says that; the only person I know for... More
Posted on Sep 09, 2011
Nesby Phips
Song: Changes
New Orleans producer, emcee and engineer Nesby Phips has never been one to stand still, hence his new release Changes in support of his forthcoming Life With Options project.  The song, which was... More
Posted on Jul 08, 2011
Nesby Phips
Featuring: Curren$y | Stalley
Song: Magic
Hoping to bring our readers under his spell, Dirty Southern up-and-comer Nesby Phips has stepped into the Booth to work a little Magic on your eardrums. On this unreleased joint, the pensive, sampled... More
Posted on May 04, 2011