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Naturel - Trippin’ Artwork

Naturel - Trippin’

Just how quickly can one partner’s Trippin’ cause a promising relationship to hit the skids? Well, let’s see: Naturel‘s last feature, Video Dater, hit our front page July 28, so (assuming for the hell...Read More

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Naturel ft. Dilemma - Video Dater Artwork

Naturel ft. Dilemma - Video Dater

Finding love in the digital age is no easy task. Between Twitter hook-ups, Facebook relationship status changes and the perils of dating sites it’s enough to make a man wish for an arranged marriage. Thankfully Naturel has...Read More

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Naturel - Helium Artwork

Naturel - Helium

Just how fly is Naturel, the Northeastern up-and-comer previously heard on last year’s Say? Hmmm, what can I compare him to without sounding totally cliché... an airplane? A bird? A winged insect of the cyclorrhapha...Read More

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Naturel - Say

No matter who you are or where your ambitions lie, if you sacrifice security to pursue your dreams, you can rest assured you’ll run across people who will attempt to slow your momentum with negativity. First-time...Read More

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