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Naomi Pilgrim - It’s All Good Artwork
Naomi Pilgrim, the Barbados/Sweden-repping singer/songwriter who earned Booth acclaim for No Gun and House of Dreams, is back on our front page with another creative pop confection. Released to... More
Posted 6 months ago
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Naomi Pilgrim - House of Dreams Artwork
Though Naomi Pilgrim‘s first Booth feature, hard-luck anthem No Gun, won positive reviews when it hit our front page back in October, the Barbados/Sweden dual representative has taken her sweet... More
Posted 11 months ago
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Naomi Pilgrim
Song: No Gun
The other day, I spent an hour picking out a restaurant for lunch with a friend from out of town, only to arrive and find out that it was closed till dinnertime. Booth newcomer Naomi Pilgrim shares my... More
Posted one year ago
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