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Mr Hudson ft. Idris Elba - Step Into The Shadows Artwork

Mr Hudson ft. Idris Elba - Step Into The Shadows

If you’ve ever been to a shadier part of town, you know that you can’t find anything good for you there. You may think you’ve found a girl there who could change your world, but more than likely the...Read More

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Mr Hudson - Move Artwork

Mr Hudson - Move

On his last promo single, featured on our pages back in March, Mr. Hudson promised to take a lucky woman across the dancefloor just like Fred Astaire. Between then and now, the London singer/songwriter and producer came to a...Read More

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Mr. Hudson - Fred Astaire Artwork

Mr. Hudson - Fred Astaire

Not featured on our pages since summer 2009, when he linked up with label boss Kanye West to drop the reader-approved Anyone but Him, Mr. Hudson has kept busy in the interim by writing and producing songs for other artists,...Read More

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Mr Hudson

Mr. Hudson ft. Kanye West - Anyone But Him

If there’s one event liable to send someone spiraling into self-doubt, it’s being dumped and watching your ex immediately run to the arms of—well, anyone, really; whether it’s a slicked-up jerk or...Read More

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Mr Hudson

Mr. Hudson ft. Kanye West - Supernova

Though he’s already a popular act in his hometown, it wasn’t until London’s Mr. Hudson contributed background vocals (Paranoid) and co-production (Street Lights) to Kanye West‘s 808s & Heartbreak...Read More

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Big Sean

Big Sean ft. Kanye West & Mr. Hudson - Paranoid (Remix)

As we have previously documented, one of the biggest perks of being signed to a heavyweight artist’s label is the chance to share the spotlight, be it on a song’s original version or its inevitable remix.  For...Read More

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