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Monica ft. Wale - Take a Chance Artwork

Monica ft. Wale - Take a Chance

Take a Chance is about Monica’s attempt to return to R&B’s center stage, but it’s also about Wale’s emergence as a go-to rapper for R&B joints. For the still beautiful songstress’ new record, following her...Read More

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Monica ft. Brandy - It All Belongs To Me Artwork

Monica ft. Brandy - It All Belongs To Me

If you’re an ‘80s baby like me I guarantee you had the same reaction when you first saw that Monica’s new single also featured Brandy: “oh sh*t!!!” Allow me to explain to those under 20. Monica and Brandy’s...Read More

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Monica - Until It’s Gone Artwork

Monica - Until It’s Gone

Try as we might to maintain an attitude of gratitude, it’s all too easy to slide into taking a good thing for granted. As Joni Mitchell (or Counting Crows, for the younger set) memorably put it, “Don’t it always...Read More

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Monica ft. Rick Ross & Lil Kim - Anything (To Find You) Artwork

Monica ft. Rick Ross & Lil Kim - Anything (To Find You)

While it seemed like the release of her successful album Still Standing would mark a comeback for Monica, the singer has been mostly quiet on the musical front since then. Does that make new single Anything (To Find You) a...Read More

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Monica ft. Trey Songz - Here I Am (Remix) Artwork

Monica ft. Trey Songz - Here I Am (Remix)

Though Monica‘s sixth studio album won overwhelmingly positive feedback in the Booth when it dropped back in March, we haven’t heard a peep from the veteran soul songstress since. What better way then for her to...Read More

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Monica - Everything to Me Artwork

Monica - Everything to Me

After releasing the snippet for Everything to Me, Monica’s fans took Twitter by storm with rave reviews, begging for more. Hearing the cries of her admirers, the beautiful singer went back and reconstructed the song into...Read More

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Monica - Once In A Lifetime

Back in August of ‘08, Monica released what she hoped would be her comeback single, Still Standing (also the title track off her forthcoming sixth album).  Despite a guest verse by Ludacris and even a VH1 show...Read More

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Monica ft. Ludacris - Still Standing

What is it, 1998? First Brandy releases a comeback single, Right Here (Departed), and now her former The Boy Is Mine partner in crime, Monica, does the exact same thing. Still Standing is the Atlanta singer’s first release...Read More

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Dirtbag ft. Monica - I Aint Trying To Hear It

It’s a rare occurrence to find Monica featured on anybody’s song, but rapper Dirtbag brings her on board with this new single from his upcoming sophomore album Dirty Business.  Produced by Gorilla Tek, the song is an...Read More

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Monica - Dozen Roses

The boy has been hers for almost 8 years now.  Thus, its time to receive her flowers and show off as the women she has grown to be.  On Dozen Roses, Monica fully immerses from her yesteryear shell and provides...Read More

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