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Mike Stud ft. Sammy Adams - Whatever Artwork

Mike Stud ft. Sammy Adams - Whatever

The expression “It’s Whatever,” implies indifference, but don’t get it twisted; if you have any affinity whatsoever for the hip-pop subgenre known as “frat rap,” your reaction will be anything but...Read More

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Mike Stud - Closer Artwork

Mike Stud - Closer

Mike Stud has a lot on his plate right about now. Not only is the Providence, Rhode Island repper getting ready to head out on a 33-city national tour (For more on that, click here.), but he’s also building up to the...Read More

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Huey Mack ft. Mike Stud - Be Alright Artwork

Huey Mack ft. Mike Stud - Be Alright

For up-and-comers unaccustomed to the spotlight’s glare, that first taste of fame can be a little overwhelming. Huey Mack will freely admit that his recent successes have him reeling, but he’s not letting the...Read More

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Mike Stud - Young King Artwork

Mike Stud - Young King

The title of Mike Stud’s latest effort, Young King, might leave a bad taste in the mouths of Game of Thrones fans, as King Joffrey, also a young king, is one of the most deplorable characters on television. With his RELIEF...Read More

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Mike Stud

Mike Stud - Past Gone

Most of us could name at least one musician whose work helped to shape the person we would become, but it’s not every day an artist has his or her life changed by a fan. That, however, is exactly what happened to Mike...Read More

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Mike Stud

Mike Stud - Dreamin’

We all have dreams. Most folks sit around, though, letting their dreams fade into memories of unrealized potential. Mike Stud isn’t most folks, however, and his dream to make an impact in Hip-Hop in playing out in real...Read More

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Mike Stud

Mike Stud - Perfect for Me

I can’t speak to your tastes, but smooth vocals that are used to paint vivid pictures over a simple yet effective guitar-reliant beat is Perfect For Me. Good thing Mike Stud has all that and more on his brand new...Read More

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Mike Stud

Mike Stud x Tarik - You Don’t Know Me

It’s suffice to say that almost everyone has dealt with the feeling of being judged for no particular reason. Just ask DJBooth newcomers Tarik Trotter and Mike Stud, who recently put those feelings into song format with...Read More

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Mike Stud - Is It Worth It Artwork

Mike Stud - Is It Worth It

Try as we might to keep our eyes on the prize, we all have moments when we wonder, “Is It Worth It”? Introduced to the Booth by Papa Smirf, first-time featuree Mike Stud asks himself that very question on the...Read More

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