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Mike Melinoe - Hold My Dust Artwork

Mike Melinoe - Hold My Dust

Were you feeling Mike Melinoe‘s style and flow back in April, when he stepped into the Booth with Henry Ol’$kool? Then you’ll be happy to hear that the Motown buzzmaker’s back with another fresh...Read More

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Mike Melinoe - Henry Ol’$kool Artwork

Mike Melinoe - Henry Ol’$kool

Great books, movies, and music have high replay value. It’s just a simple fact. Detroit emcee Mike Melinoe is on the path to creating that kind of greatness. His new single, Henry Ol’$kool, is packed with darker...Read More

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Mike Melinoe

Mike Melinoe - Starving Marvin

Since the beginning of time rappers have reminded their audience about their hunger for success. Take Mike Melinoe for example. His stomach is growling so much, we might as well call him Starving Marvin. For many artists it...Read More

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Mike Melinoe - Steady Vibe Artwork

Mike Melinoe - Steady Vibe

Every year brings a brand new class of emcees, who are just waiting to showcase their skills and rap their way into our hearts and ears by years end. 2014’s rookie class has stormed out of the gates, led by the likes of...Read More

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