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Mike Check ft. Ewald - HOPE Artwork

Mike Check ft. Ewald - HOPE

Once upon a time, NYC buzzmaker Mike Check was just another elementary-schooler with pipe dreams of a career in the music game. What separated him from the countless others with similar aspirations? He held out HOPE, rather...Read More

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Mike Check

Mike Check - #HoneyJackFlow

I’m not a drinker; I enjoy the occasional beer, but other than that my liquor cabinet is dry. If Honey Jack Daniels goes down half as easy as #HoneyJackFlow from Mike Check, though, I might have to open a distillery in my...Read More

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Mike Check

Mike Check ft. Eliki & Meech - Night Owl

Even before I listened to the latest from Mike Check, I was interested. As someone who can’t ever seem to go to bed before 1 AM, thanks to distractions like YouTube and music blogs, I couldn’t help but be excited for a...Read More

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Mike Check

Mike Check - Beastly

Plenty of rappers play up their lyrical aggression by comparing themselves to various ferocious animal, but when Booth newcomer Mike Check describes himself as Beastly, he means it literally. The Big Apple underground...Read More

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