Midwest City Songs

Midwest City
Featuring: Swizz Beatz
Named after their Oklahoma hometown, R&B group Midwest City is ready to make their mark on the music scene and bring back Authentic R&B.  While Solomon, Tone, Shamale, and Shay typically... More
Posted 7 years ago
Midwest City
Featuring: Twista
Universal Motown has had a long line of successful R&B groups release material under their label; ever heard of New Edition or Boyz II Men?  Next in that line is R&B quartet, Midwest... More
Posted 7 years ago
Jeff Jones
Artist: Jeff Jones
Featuring: Midwest City
Song: Hush
Jeff Jones has only been able to legally drink for a few years but has already gone through enough transitions for an entire career.  Formerly signed to Elektra Records, Jeff had to deal with the... More
Posted 8 years ago
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