MidaZ The BEAST Songs

Curtessy & The Militia ft. MidaZ The BEAST - The Lifestyle Artwork
Artist: Curtessy
Album: Expectations
For Curtessy and his ilk, hip-hop ain’t just a musical genre; it’s a Lifestyle. On his latest mixtape single, making its world premiere right here in the Booth, the Los Angeles rhymesayer... More
Posted one year ago
Kap Kallous ft. MidaZ The BEAST & Shinobi Stalin - Bad Decisions Artwork
Featuring: MidaZ The BEAST
Kap Kallous will be the first to admit that he ain’t perfect. Over the course of his life, the Floridian rhymesayer has made his fair share of Bad Decisions. Very few of them, however, have been... More
Posted one year ago
MidaZ The BEAST ft. Sabac Red & Blueprint - Seeing Is Believing Artwork
Featuring: Blueprint
Trusting your eyes might have made sense in a pre-televisual society, but contemporary strategies of media manipulation have rendered sight just as unreliable as the other four senses. On a new single... More
Posted one year ago
MidaZ The BEAST ft. Illustrate - Champion of the Block Artwork
Fresh off earning rave reader reviews for last month’s aptly-titled Fire, MidaZ The Beast returns to our pages with another blazing-hot song release off his forthcoming debut album. On Champion... More
Posted one year ago
MidaZ The BEAST ft. Roc Marciano - Fire Artwork
Featuring: Roc Marciano
Song: Fire
MidaZ The BEAST may not possess his namesake’s ability to turn everyday objects into gold, but he can transform organic matter into blackened carbon with a few well-aimed syllables. Simply put,... More
Posted one year ago
According to a press release, Booth newcomer MidaZ’ new project is the magnum opus of an ill-fated funk group called the El MidaZ Affair, recorded back in 1973 and tragically lost… until... More
Posted 5 years ago
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